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Beth Rigby - Biography and Images

Beth Rigby is a senior political correspondent at Sky News.

Formerly of the Times and FT. She joined the FT in 1998 as a graduate trainee (she has a degree in social and political science from Cambridge university and a masters in Latin American studies from the University of London).

During her FT career, she has worked across a range of beats as financial services reporter, hedge fund correspondent and retail correspondent. Immediately before joining the lobby, she was the consumer industries editor.

Says she likes running, binge-watching on Netflix and northern soul.

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  • stuart mcpherson

    Best female presenter on TV at the moment. Keep the faith!

  • Suzy

    I think Beth is smashing . Ive a Cheshire accent so i dont speal Oxford or Cambridge.
    Miss Rigby speaks with a polished English accent . To say she speaks otherwise is silly. I find her interviews inciteful interesting intelligent. But the constant nuthin endin beggin is off putting. Ive read her witing she uses g there? I find sadly the constant droppin of the g is distractin. If she had an East end accent ok but she has a polished one

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