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Kimberley Leonard is a presenter on Sky News

She was a broadcast journalist and producer on Al Jazeera in Doha, and previously worked on Emirates News, Dubai One’s nightly news bulletin.

Born in Kenyan, she started her career at the largest FM station in Nairobi after studying at the University of Cape Town and gaining an MA from the University of Westminster.

Kimberley has more than a decade of London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art training and has hosted and mediated a number of events across the city.

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7 thoughts on "Kimberley Leonard"

  1. Steve Vadgama says:

    She can’t seem to pronounce any English place names, apart from ‘London’, properly. She was just as bad on Dubai One’s Emirates News. She gives the impression that she doesn’t seem to know much about the UK or what is actually going on here, but seems to be able to read a teleprompter just about OK. Would be good to see her do some sort of investigative report or seek feedback on what people think of her and her reporting, like Kate Burley and other Sky news reporters, are keen to elicit from the public. If Kimberley doesn’t show that she understands the people and geography of the UK, I think her days portraying herself as a serious Sky presenter will be numbered.

  2. GeoVision says:

    What a load of rubbish Steve Vadgama writes. Many friends of mine find, as do , she is very well presented and more than capable. I think Steve Vagma’s mind has been clouded by his references to Emirates News, where again she presented beautifully. I fully expect her to become a regular presenter within the next year.

  3. Dane hannard says:

    Most people like him saying stuff about women who can’t spell London properly should mind their own business Kimberley Leonard is a very lovely on Sky News look at Sam naz she is so confident she and Kimberley should be on sky news together during the day I don’t agree with Steve that is stupidity to say something like that about Kimberley she has done other news programmes so has Sam naz she sometimes does five news she also has done newsround I think Kimberley and Sam are very independent that their jobs I am not pleased with what Steve said he should be ashamed of himself .

  4. Dane hannard says:

    How can Steve say that about her? I like Kimberley and Sam Naz they are respectful women You can’t please everybody Steve so be quiet!

  5. Dane Hannard says:

    What I mean is that Kimberley Leonard is a lovely woman so Steve mind your own business leave her alone

  6. Dane Hannard says:

    Most people like Steve are stupid to say stuff like that should apologise straight away this is not acceptable to say that Kimberley can’t spell London and also I bet your friends will not be pleased for you because you are so wrong about women are better than you will ever be

  7. Anonymous says:

    I meet her at sky, she is lovely.
    I have respect for her???

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