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  • Rossi

    how dumb is sky news.

    we’ll give you 5 numbers in old money then you have to divide them by 17.

    They call up Collin Pillinger. A failed rocket scientist.

    Sky News say ‘oh it’s wonderful, we have a rocket scientist, can anybody in the universe answer this’

    Pillinger ‘give me a couple of minutes please’.

    SKy News goes to adverts for 5 minutes to give him time.

    Pillinger comes back with perfect answer.
    Sky news presenter creams her fanny off because he can add 5 numbers together and divide by 17.

    Collin Pillinger is a complete failure. (beagle – disaster- waisted ?40Million)
    I bet that he can’t believe his luck when ‘dumb sky news’ ring him up for a bit of simple division (even though it’s in old money).

    Let’s reason it.
    maths question from 1898.
    sky “I know we’ll ring up beagle2 genious, he’s a rocket scientist” (FAILED)
    skytart ‘oh my god. rocket scientist answered it perfect, I need cream’.

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    I must admit I think Sky News went a little overboard on this exam.

    The questions they showed (square root of a long number, and where are these locations) seemed simple to me.

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Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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