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    radio ruderham
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    radio ruderham

    Would any-one here be interested in seeing a weekly list of Channels about to launch on SKY Digital and other related topics

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    Nah, I can’t say that I would. As there are websites dedicated to Satellite TV. This site is specifically dedicated to Sky News. So I wouldn’t want to see it cluttered up with lists of the sort of rubbish that gets added to Sky Digital these days; shopping channels, religious channels, music channels, blah blah blah, etc… But that’s probably just me being a boring old fart! But what I think doesn’t count much, it’s what Johnnie thinks that matters.

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    Well i agree with u stevo….this is sky news appreciation forums ONLY!

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    On a personal level I probably wouldn’t be that interested in reading it. However, there may be some people who would find it interesting or useful. So if you wish, go ahead; just put it into the correct topic.

    Side Bar, Stevo and Newsroom:

    Here are some topics featured on these here forums:

    Rebecca Loos offered Playboy TV deal;

    Eastenders (spoilers);

    Big Brother 5;

    The Wrestling Channel;

    need I go on?

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    All those topics are cool apart from the wrestling channe;l

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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