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    Ant an Dec are to revive some of ITV’s old popular gameshows for a week.
    Anyone remember Blockbusters ( I’ll have a p please bob) Wheel of fortune and Bullseye. It’s gonna be a great weeks viewing. Oh how i love a touch of nostalgia.

    What other gameshows would you guys like to see revived and who would you like to see presenting them.

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    i would like wheel of fortune or family fortunes only cos i have memories of watching them when i was younger

    i think Ant and Dec would be good at the generation game as their are very comical although i doubt nobody good do it better than Brucey. used to like a program hosted by dale winton i think it was called the other half that used to be interesting or blankety blank that would be interesting to see ant and dec dress up as women although i think a lot of them come of bbc i did Itv buy blankety blank from BBC cant remember

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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