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    In the sun today there is an auction where you can win a trip to sky news.You get a tour round the studios with kay burley and you also get to have lunch with her as well.

    The auction ends on jan 16th at 11.00pm,at the moment the price is ?345.More info can be found at the following address.

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    Haha, if the meal’s in the canteen it isn’t worth it!

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    Mr Byrne

    A tour with Kay Burley you say? I bet Charlie and all the other Kay fans are there right now waving their VISA Cards – how much will you go to Charlie? Will you splash out for time of your life opportunity?

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    Mr Byrne


    Thats what it said when I clicked on it. I was considering making abid at your stated price, but its gone a wee bit high now. – unless Lisa Burke could pick me up here in Dublin in the sky Helicopter,.

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    I wish I had the money to have lunch with Kay.

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    ?720 now, best check my lottery tickets, who ever gets this is one lucky sod. B)

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    If only it was not with KayBurley. I would much prefer to have lunch with other presenters like Juliette, Jeremy, Allan, Lisa, Chris, EMMA, KARIN, ANJALI!!!!!!!

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    Found out about this when I was doing one of my random trawls of the web – the “winning” bid was ?2950 by someone going by the name of “yoram11”.

    Other items you could have bid for under “thesuntsunamiappeal” were Charity Dingle’s wedding dress, Katie Melua’s guitar, a catsuit belonging to a member of “The Darkness” and some stuff from “I’m a Celebrity GMOOH”

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    How much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Mr Byrne I went to ?2945 but was just pipped to the post!

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    Mr Byrne

    awwwwh Charlie… maybe someone could get in contact with Sky on your behalf and ask Kay would she do another lunch and tour with you for that amount, and she could give the money to a chairty of her choice?

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