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  • Tanya

    Since Sky first appearance till today, there has been lots of interesting interviews, reports, shocking breaking news and amusing comments between presenters.

    Write down which best report, interview, comment, news,…has stayed in your memory the most.



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    David Chater’s reporting during the (official version!) war in Iraq, especially the opening night of bombing; the tank attack on the hotel and the 2+ hours alone with his cameraman on the streets waiting for the marines…it was like a thriller but you didn’t know the ending. He’s been criticised for his euphoria afterwards. Well, stuff that, if I knew I’d just survived another war I’d do the same!!

    Funny ones: when Bob Friend ‘corpsed’ completely when presenting a story about Ernie, a Xmas toy that snored when you pressed its tum and…

    Bob again, following a report on how, after the Queen’s visit to Bulawayo, Zimbabwe, it had rained for the first time in years, handed over to Francis Wilson with the remark “and now we go over to our very own rain queen”. I think Francis said “that’s not very nice!” in a huffy voice.

    Maybe you had to see ’em…

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    When we heard the air raid sirens in Baghdad for the first time last year.. the very early hours with Kay and Chris, I think.. and Tim Marshall.. on the verge of going home as nothing was going to happen. Then they started. I still get goosebumps thinking about the sirens & Kay announcing it. Watch the vids on this site.. fantastic.

    David Chater was awesome. Professional in the extreme. I sure only jealous broadcasters would utter a bad word against him & his team on the day the US rolled in. It was amazing television.

    To be honest, everyone was at their best during the war & it was a thriller, yep.. there’s so many moments and people.. JT, Stanford, Simon, Emma Hurd as well..

    I’d love it if Live at Five could be introduced as dramatically as this every day..: This is Sky News, Live at Five, from inside a British Army Scimitar reconnaisance vehicle on the outskirts of Basra on Day 13 of the War on Iraq. On the day when british forces captured.. etc etc.

    He really is indefatigably brilliant.

    I also remember the OJ coverage.. I saw a bit of the car chase, but the trial was also a thriller! Defence lawyers hamming it up in court ‘…SOMEBODY PLAYED WITH THIS EVIDENCE..’ ..and judge lance ito breaking down and crying in court.. i think he had to admit something about a conflict of interest involving his wife doing work for the defence or prosection.. but wow, drama.

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