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  • Rob237

    A recent letter received by the B+Q customer services department

    Dear Sir/Madam,

    Please accept my congratulations to you on your involvement in getting a yacht to leave the UK on 28th November 2004, sail 27,354 miles around the world, and arrive back 72 days later.

    Could you please let me know when the kitchen that I ordered 96 days ago will be arriving from your warehouse, some 13 miles away?

    Yours Sincerely

    John Roberts

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    Shame they couldnt find a female sailor that actually looks like a …. female !

    Personally I am not surprised she sailed ALONE – I mean can you imagine being cooped up with someone like that for 71 days ? Makes me shudder….

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    Why do I always start thinking of the impersonation of Ellen Macarthur on “Dead Ringers” everytime I see her on TV?

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    I saw the Sky coverage of her and the boat trip etc:

    1. Sky yet again wasted time on some foul looking creature, pissing about in a boat causing hazards to shipping.
    2. Sky Broadcast a live interview of her talking shite and acting very arrogant.

    Anyway – the worst part was all these mugs around the world were emailing congrats to Sky, they put them on the screen AS IF she was sitting at home reading them when she was obviously NOT !! She was in the arrogant interview mentioned in item 2 above !!


    I am seriously getting fed up with Sky News and watch BBC World more as it has a more professional viewing experience instead of suffering little giggles and snippets from the likes of Kay Burley.

    Dont get me wrong – Kay B is an attractive woman (UNLIKE ELLEN McC)….until she opens her mouth and tries to upstage the news with her own slights and angles. Plus shes got the annoying habit of someone from the North of UK, living in London trying to hide her roots in her accent…

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