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    it’s been advertised that live covereage from Russia will be aired daily, but I don’t know when. I’m trying to tape it because I love Russia, but I just don’t know!! Like, it was shown at 8.30 this morning, nothing at all yesterday, and at 6.30 on Monday. Any ideas how they’re doing this?

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    Really bloody annoying Sky Aust dont show any of these special reports. Theyd be really interesting, especially this one on the Russian elections seeing I’m studying the Revolution right now and we’re just getting to the interesting part.

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    I like Laurence Lee who’s a good reporter so that would be interesting. IF I could see the flippin’ news of course. But he doesn’t get on TV much does he?

    I think they should try covering Chechnya again too.

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    Sky have put together an half hour program – Eye Across Russia this weekend.

    Saturday – 1630 and 2130

    Sunday – 0430

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