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    Seeing as England are represented in this year’s FIFA World Club Championships in December I was wondering whether there will be any TV coverage of it over here, & if yes, who has got it?

    If I remember rightly, the BBC had the previous one featuring Manchester United in 2000. Liverpool will be competing this time, & our very own Graham Poll will be officiating over there too. Can anyone help? Thanks

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    i only have one small interest in it and thats in seein liverpool hammered every match they play

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    I can see The Reds doing ok? They’ve such a tight defence when it matters. It might be bad news for the rest though? Remember how much good that ‘winter Break’ did Man U? And Liverpool won the European Cup in some style. They were in the game for good hour of the match. Rather than just the last two minutes? Couldnt resist that!!!

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    If anyone’s interested, BBC TWO will be screening Liverpool’s match(es).

    Thursday 15th December – BBC2 – 10am-12.20pm (10.20am K/O)
    Liverpool v TBC

    And same time same channel on the Sunday if Liverpool make it through to the final.

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