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    This is Drew
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    This is Drew

    Does anybody know, if sports correspondents & releif newsreader Geraint Vincent is returning to ITV News. He hasn’t appeared since the Rugby. Even then he didn’t cover many reports on the RWC for ITV News.

    They seem rather low on presenters.. e.g. Nina is ill this weekend and they’re relying on the male newsreader from ITV Granada.
    Maybe Geraint is busy at the moment – I don’t know.. Same for Romilly Weeks..

    Katie & Mary, probably weren’t happy having to do 5-days of work this week!

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    He’s probably having some time-off after spending the last month in France covering the Rugby World Cup

    Can’t wait to see him back on screen though

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    This is Drew

    Geraint is still with ITV News.
    On Thursday & Friday night, he did V/O reports for sports.

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