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    Seventeen soldiers have been suspended, including one senior officer, with six facing Courts Martial.

    The soldiers at a prison outside Baghdad were accused of forcing Iraqi prisoners into acts of sexual humiliation and other abuses.  

    The charges, first announced by the military in March, were documented by photographs taken by guards in the prison.  

    Brigadier General Mark Kimmet is appealing to the American people to keep faith with their troops in Iraq.


    What are your views? Do you think this action is justified?

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    Disgusting. and now the mirror is reporting that British troops are also involved in activity’s like this.

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    John Caffrey

    Its absolutely disgraceful

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    Agree with peeps on here, this is sick they may be a POW but they have rights, how would these idiots feel if one of the family was a POW in Iraq and were given this treatment they would be furious, biggest own goal so far IMO

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    Agree totally, disgusting and despicable treatment by coalition forces of captured POWs. Not totally unsurprising though it must be said; power corrupts. (Interesting to see that this issue hardly got a mention on Fox News earlier today, so much for the land of the free!) This action can never be justified though, I hope that the USA and UK military leaders court martial those responsible, as in my opinion it’s a war crime to treat fellow human beings in this way.

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    those involved should be court martialled and have the same horrific treatment done to them – that’ll teach them not to do it again!

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    Absolutely dreadful!

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    I was already shocked last year, when I heard what kind of torture treatments were used in Abu Ghurayb prison under Saddam’s reign, but these new pictures go even beyond.

    I haven’t seen this kind of abuse even in Yugoslavia conflict, although the torture and genocide was horrific there. I can’t imagine what kind of person would undress prisoners and then pose with them smiling with thumbs up.

    It really doesn’t matter if only individuals are responsible for this sick and discusting act, …consequences as reflect of Iraqis anger and revenge over these images, will have dreadful influence on all coalition troops.



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    Doubts are being cast over the authenticity of photographs appearing to show British soldiers torturing an Iraqi prisoner.

    An investigation has begun into newspaper claims the man was assaulted and thrown from a lorry.

    The Daily Mirror pictures allegedly taken during his ordeal showed the man being urinated on and threatened.

    But according to some newspapers they may not be genuine.

    “Were British ‘torture’ pictures a cruel joke?” asks the Sunday Express.

    Torture Photos Doubts

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    The editor of the Daily Mirror could be questioned by MPs about his decision to publish photographs allegedly showing UK troops abusing an Iraqi.

    The chairman of the Commons Defence Committee, Bruce George, is to put the idea to his colleagues.

    He said it might help “clear the air” if editor Piers Morgan gave evidence because of the “intense interest”.

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    George Bush will give interviews to two Arab television networks later today about reports of U.S. troops abusing Iraqi prisoners.

    It will be interesting to hear, what kind of apology he’ll say in defense of trying to reduce damage made by latest abuse pictures. I hope he realize that his policy is the main reason for Iraqis anger and not only the latest abuse treatment.



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    Bush can say how ‘shocked and awed’ he is on Arab TV until he’s blue in the face. The fact is that throughout the Middle East, the West is becoming more and more loathed by most people , even those considered ‘moderate’. Policy towards Israel is a main contributor. In Iraq it must be hard to find anyone with a kind thought nowadays about the US – and increasingly the UK and other ‘coalition’ members. (This is “freedom”??) I really agree with the statement to Blair put out by those 52 ex Brit diplomats. Even taking away the appalling human torture element, this is a foreign policy disaster of the highest order. It will also spiral into Iraqis regarding soldiers, civilians and the media as ‘objects’ as well and that Fallujah ‘incident’ will not be isolated. It also fuels the terror engine…

    However I’m not too surprised although I am pleased that the media has ‘outed’ the culprits. Whenever there is war, soldiers are trained to regard the enemy as “objects” not human beings – otherwise it’s difficult to just pull the trigger. It’s happened I reckon in all wars.

    However this doesn’t mean that those concerned shouldn’t be prosecuted as they should.

    Does anyone know what the strongest charge a military court can bring against soldiers is, in the US and UK?

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