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    Today Anna Jones is presenting news during 5 consecutive hours for the third time this week . All the afternoon and evening shifts are with one presenter ( among Juliet, Colin B, Jeremy , Anna B, G. Joseph ).

    The sole shift with 2 presenter is between 9-12.

    The morning shift is dominated by Eammon with an assistant "lady"

    ( Charlotte ) who is condemned to read again and again short texts for about 3-4 minutes two times an hour during 4 hours. Her substitute in the week end, who are first class presenters , Paula M. / Anna C. do not interview.

    The long shifts may reduce the wakefulness of the presenters and are very boring especially at the end of the shift.

    Just a short time before Sky News tried to introduce the conception of 3 presenters , and now we have almost one and loose the big opportunities of common presentation ( just remembers the days of Bob F. and Anna B)

    What happens with the wonderful presenter staff , which is absent from the presentation process ?

    Can someone explain what is going on ?

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    My guess is a lot of them are on holiday leave.

    And the threesome of a few months ago was overkill.

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    what use to be my fav news channel is now becoming stale and boring, they need two presenters to deal with breaking news etc.

    at the moment it is the worst its ever been

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    i’m sure in a few weeks time everyone will be back and we will see Martain and Anna in the morning, Kay at lunchtime, Julie and Colin in the afternoon. (Hopefully)

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    Yeah, either a lot of them are on leave or it’s one heck of a cost cutting exercise.

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    I rather believe it is a short cutting exercise .
    It is hard to beleive they can’t find 4-5 additional presenters with this so large staff.

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