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    In an exclusive new documentary for Sky One, Sky News anchor Kay Burley takes a wry look at the scandals that have reverberated around Westminster Village ? the politicians that have fallen from grace and the women that helped them on their way.

    Adam is also apart of the program.


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    One word for her in those pics… tart!

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    Oh for god sake, doesn’t anyone have better things to say than slag Kay Burley off?!!
    It is getting a little tiresome and old. It serves no contructive purpose.

    Purhaps those who feel so inclined should create a seperate thread soley for the purpose of expressing their dislike for Kay and stop polluted every other forum thread.

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    Well said HBox.
    Thanks for heads up Johnnie.


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    Food for thought
    Media guardian reports
    “Kay questions Tony’s performance
    Kay Burley didn’t miss her chance to ask Tony Blair the big question when he finally made it to Lancashire, where the Sky News correspondent has been stuck for the duration of the election campaign. So what would it be – Iraq? The economy? Not quite. “I just want to ask you very quickly … is it really five times a night?” she asked the PM.”

    “Burley penned in
    Sky News, 11.20am today and Kay Burley is holding it together. Just. Standing in an auctioneer’s stock yard, with – gasp! – real live cows, it was not the best time for a live cross for an election update from the marginal Lancashire seat of Rossendale and Darwen, where she has been based these past two weeks. “I’m a little bit nervous,” a flushed-looking Kay reported, suppressing a giggling fit as cows lumbered about in the adjacent pens. “They’re moving towards me!” she then exclaimed, beating a hasty retreat towards the farmer she was interviewing. “You will have to bear with me, I might slightly lose the plot,” she panted at viewers. Kay, has no one ever told you. never work with children or animals?”

    “Cold comfort for Burley
    Sky News’ Kay Burley is clearly not happy about being out on the election trail. “Thankfully we’re under cover today.. it’s not always the case,” she whinged as she shivered in her fur collared jacket in glamorous Rawtenstall today. Monkey was reminded of political editor Adam Boulton’s rather more impressive performance on the day of the Hutton report when he stood uncomplainingly outside 10 Downing St in the driving snow. What a pro.”

    “Tsunami coverage
    That is not to say horrible misjudgments were not committed by other networks. Some of the most over-the-top, Drop the Dead Donkey-style reporting has been seen on Sky News in recent days; Kay Burley wearing lip gloss in Sri Lanka seems desperately inappropriate; Alex Crawford’s report at the opening of Sky’s first bulletin produced for Channel Five, in which she personally intervened in a mother’s search for her child, was was terribly misjudged.”

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    This little princess is far too full of herself and needs bringing down a peg or two.
    All I ever see her do is pout and preen all over the screen.

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    No wonder that other fella she used to work with decked her all the show.

    Then again, he was a wife beater as well.

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    Please don’t slag Kay off.

    I am not her greatest fan – but many people here and more importantly at SKY rate her.

    She must do something right to pull in the viewers and her handling of September 11 as a breaking story was EXCELLENT.

    As far as getting a slap from Frank Partridge there is no excuse!!!

    Kay is a major part of SKY News whether we like it or not.

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    PJMulholland+Jun 4 2005, 07:42 PM–>(PJMulholland @ Jun 4 2005, 07:42 PM)
    No wonder that other fella she used to work with decked her all the show.

    Then again, he was a wife beater as well.

    Okay that does, I retract my pledge to try and not insult you. Your above little comment proves how purile and small minded you truly are. She may not be to your liking, fair enough, but there is no need to condone phisical violence.

    Reading your comments, I can only assume that you have recently celebrated you 12th birthday, Happy Birthday.

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