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    I have seen Martin Stanford and lisa Aziz on at 11am but I think now (11.30am) Juliette Foster is there with Martin aswell. Perhaps Lisa is still there.

    My thoughts are with the families of those killed and injured and especially the families of those unable to contact relatives in Indonesia etc abroad.

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    Thousands of people have been killed across south and east Asia in massive sea surges triggered by the strongest earthquake in the world for 40 years.
    Villages have been swamped and homes destroyed after the 8.9-magnitude quake, the fifth strongest since 1900.

    At least 1,000 died in Sri Lanka and a similar number were killed in India.

    Casualty figures are rising and deaths have also been reported in Thailand and on Sumatra in Indonesia, thought to be near the tremor’s epicentre.

    Exact figures for casualties are hard to confirm but hundreds of people are also said to be missing in India’s and Sri Lanka’s coastal regions.

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    Harry Hayfield

    Yes. I’ve been watching these reports all morning and kudos to Sky News for interviewing people on the ground live. Can I ask if reporting teams with videophones are / have been despatched so that we can get an impression of what the after effects are?

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    Almost certainly

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    Forum Member

    I was wondering if anyone has tried and had any joy ringing the helpline no. issued by the foreigh office

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    What an absolute disaster.

    60 odd Britons kill so far isnt it?

    2 days almost later, and the bloody Australian government can only confirm 2 of its citizens have died. PATHETIC. We were also hit by the waves, just the stretch of coast was uninhabited.
    What amazes me though is Australia is the closest western nation, yet the bureaucrats are hopelessy organised. What the hell would happen if that quake was closer to the country!!!!

    My thoughts are with the families & friends of the deceased, and those left homeless.

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    Jeremy Thompson is about to present Live at Five, live from Phuket.

    -Alex Rossi also in Phuket, on lead package now.

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    what do you mean

    on lead package

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    Meanwhile Ashish is reporting live via videophone from Sri Lanka.

    Martin Popplewell is reading out viewers emails from the SkyNews Today section of the studio while Steve and Anna are in the studio anchoring. Does anyone know what time they started anchoring at? I know that Martin and Vivien were on from 10am. Who anchored Sunrise?

    Excellent coverage from Sky.

    Good to see the so called “main presenters”-Jeremy, Anna, Mark, Kay, Martin and Vivien are being used throughout the Xmas period. I would say Etchers, the two Fosters and King will be on soon.#
    A nice overall spread to the Xmas presenting team.

    Re SE Asia excellent reporting and presenting to Sky. 10/10 to providing safety mails on the Sky Newsticker.

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    Greg and Paula were on Sunrise. Greg was also on most of the night as well, as there were two men presenting overnight.

    Not sure what time Steve/Anna started. Martin was still on at 1230, so 1 i presume. ..that’s when my auto-records ran out.

    Juliette Foster was on the 6am Boxing Day shift alone. breaking the earthquake news. Imagine my shock and delight to see the esteemed Miss Burley on 6am Xmas day shift alone. what a lovely treat.

    I said that Earthquake Correspondent, Alex Rossi is on lead package now – I’m not a tv techie or anything but just using the language from the front page of this site – it means Alex’s report is the first one they use on the programme. ..A package is a wrapped/edited report, a lead package will lead the prog.

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    I think Anna came on around about three. I’ve been out, so don’t know about Steve.

    Sky’s coverage has been top notch – I think that part of this is down to the fact that they are steering away from the sensationalism and speculation that so often lets them down. The ticker is a nice touch – even my gran approves and she doesn’t usually have anything positive to say about Sky News.

    Has Jeremy been sent out there, or was he there anyway? I know several journalists from various organisations were in the region on holiday. And where’s Richard Bestic?

    But mundane details of television news aside, I find the sheer magnitude of the disaster mind-boggling and can only imagine how residents and tourists alike of the countries affected must be feeling.

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    Dear Lord,

    Do spare us from interviews with holidaying Essex types recounting their “eye witness” tsunami accounts, delivered in Estuary English.


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    I would almost certainly think that Jeremy Thompson was sent out there(and not on holidays).

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    rob237+Dec 27 2004, 06:30 PM–>(rob237 @ Dec 27 2004, 06:30 PM)
    Dear Lord,

    Do spare us from interviews with holidaying Essex types recounting their “eye witness” tsunami accounts, delivered in Estuary English.


    Thou shalt not be spared. That’s for sure. But if it helps any, Rob, the French are only interested in their own citizens too. (not just Fox, although as usual, sounds like they’re yet again outdoing themselves for crassness).

    And yes, where IS Bestic?! Sky’s (add the adjective of your choice) INDIA correspondent. Massive, devastating damage in…India. It’s a long flight to Thailand for JT, who’s a ‘Presenter’. These days. (pity).
    High time btw that Sky made their video footage available to those of us outside the UK or Eire. I watched the footage on BBC N24 (er, no thanks, most of the time..on broadband).

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    Sky have brought back their old text number for international texting (text messages home) +44 7734 501 501

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    i heard Ashish reporting for sky on fox news yesterday. it was only by phone though. you’d think they would have their own people for such a disaster

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    i’d say he was on hol’s in the area. yesterday when he was reporting live he had no handsfree kit for his phone he was just holding his phone up to his ear and taking it down again. they seem to have got one somewhere for today anyway

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    18 BRITONS DEAD. A number likely to rise over the next few hours, days.

    Emergency Telephone Number: 0207 008 0000
    Foreign and Commonwealth Office:
    Foreign Office Travel Advice Line: 0870 6060 290

    Your Messages on Sky News and BBC News.

    :: Death toll close to 60,000; many missing in aftermath of tsunami in Indian Ocean, triggered by an underwater earthquake of magnitude 9.0 off the Indonesian island of Sumatra.

    :: Disease could kill as many people as tsunami, World Health Organisation (WHO) expert says in Geneva.

    :: Indonesia says tsunami death toll 27,174 people.

    :: Sri Lanka says 18,706 dead but may reach 20,000.

    :: India says 11,499 dead, including 7,000 confirmed or presumed dead in India’s Andaman and Nicobar islands.

    :: Thailand says 1,516 dead, 1,400 missing.

    :: Hundreds of foreigners feared dead and hundreds missing around Indian Ocean disaster zone.

    :: Deaths as far away as East Africa; at least 122 killed by tsunami in Somalia and Seychelles.

    :: United Nations says there could be epidemics within days.

    :: Rescue, recovery and rebuilding will cost billions of dollars, U.N. relief agency says.

    :: Governments and aid agencies pledge millions in aid.

    :: Damage could exceed 10 bln euros official say.

    :: Disasters Emergency Committee: 0870 606 0900

    Here is a list and contact details of care agencies helping with the Southern Asia earthquake tragedy:

    :: CAFOD: 733 7900

    :: Care International: 934 9334

    :: International Federation of the Red Cross:

    :: Medecins Sans Frontiere:

    :: Oxfam: 333 27000870 333 2700n

    :: Save The Children:

    :: UNICEF:

    :: World Vision: http://www.unicef.org01908 84 10 10

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    How do you know which charity or NGO to donate to? So your donation can reach those that need it. You hear so many stories about aid money going on fancy hotels for aid workers and meaningless bureaucracy.

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    Forum Member

    musicguru+Dec 26 2004, 08:12 PM–>(musicguru @ Dec 26 2004, 08:12 PM)
    I was wondering if anyone has tried and had any joy ringing the helpline no. issued by the foreigh office

    just keep trying buddy. It took us 3 hrs to get through,they were very helpful and told us as much as they possibly could. One thing though have as much information at hand as you can because the more info you give to them the more they will be able to tell you. Good luck matey.

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    Hi eagleeye and any other members who want to donate to the South East Asia Earthquake & Flood Appeal.

    (The site may be slow but keep trying!)

    Can you also please take note that in my last post above, I have given some web addresses of agencies helping in this disaster. I have made a mistake, giving out the wrong address for the World Vision. Here is the address you should use: The phone number is currect!

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    A comment made during an interview that “..the amount of donation offered by England and the United States is disgusting.”

    My only question is that: where is the Muslim solidarity now???

    Indonesia is one of the world’s biggest Muslim countries and Aceh is one of the strongholds of the Muslim faith. Why are the oil rich Muslim countries not there to help?

    I know for a fact that Kuwait is operating oil fields not only in Kuwait but in Indonesia also. This is the time to return some of the profits made from Indonesian oil.

    This goes for the other oil rich countries as well.

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    Indonesia has been banking on tourist money for a long time.

    It’s time that the corrupt government use some of the profits made on foreign tourists and help their citizens.

    They should stop depending on foreign aid handouts only and start using their Swiss accounts as well.

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    eagleeye+Dec 27 2004, 10:52 PM–>(eagleeye @ Dec 27 2004, 10:52 PM)
    And yes, where IS Bestic?!

    Richard is in Indonesia and is trying to get over to Sumatra..

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