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    It seems to me that a lot of people have a particular likeness for Anna Botting and Julie Etchingham. My own particular favourite though is Sheila Jansen although I too like Anna and Julie. I was just wondering if anybody likes Sheila as much as I do and what it is about her that you like. The reasons I like her are her half open shirts although seriously I think you can tell a lot about a person by looking at their eyes and I for one think that she has gorgeous eyes, really beautiful. So come on guys and girls tell me what do you like about Sheila? .

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    I would just like to point out that I am a GENUINE Sheila Jansen fan and if my comments about her seemed weird in any way then I apologise to you personally Shrek and to everybody else who took my comments in the wrong way. This is a fantastic site and I wouldn’t dream of tarnishing it’s reputation. I hope you and everybody else will accept my sincerest apologies.

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    Evan, ignore Shrek’s remarks. I can think of worse newsreaders than Shiela Jansen.

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    yaeah I agree, Sheila is a babe, not mutch on top but who cares ? my top five?
    liza aziz
    Sheila Jansen ,
    Emma Hurd ,
    Jacquie Beltraoe

    Mai Davies (whatever happened to her)?


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    My faves in order are:

    1) Lorna Dunkley
    2) Lisa Aziz
    3) Julie Etchingham
    4) Emma Crosby

    BUT….my all time fave is not on Sky but Meridian News…..Charlotte Hawkins!

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    definetaly, I see great potential in SHRECK. And it’s not ironic at all.
    I see a sort of soulmate in him.

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    Sheila is a babe but okay

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    where’s she gone lately?

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    Maybe she’s gone already. According to Johnnie’ sub-site there will be no place in the relaunch for Sheila along with Paula and sadly Viv.

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    Sheila seems to come and go. Sometimes she will be presenting for a couple of weeks, then disappear for a few months. I hope she hasn’t gone yet. Once again, though, the full line-up has not yet been announced.

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    sheila i cant stand the woman

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