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    Sky have aquired the broadcasting licence for a channel named ‘Sky Three’ – it appeared on Ofcom.

    I presume it will launch on channel 108. But that may not be true as Sky are having a major overhaul of their channel numbers (EPG) this Autumn and many channel numbers are likely to be re-numbered and re-ordered into more categories.

    106 – Sky One
    107 – Sky Mix (maybe Sky Two)
    108 – Sky Three

    I just hope it dosn’t go the ITV way!

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    Sky Mix is Sky Two, or at least that was what it was once called.…t=244690&page=1

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    Sky Mix used to called Sky One Mix. Sky Two was a different channel that was launched and axed nearly ten years ago.

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    Digital Spy – Sky is planning to launch a new entertainment station in a shakeup of Sky One’s spinoff offerings. The broadcaster recently acquired a license allowing it to launch a channel called ‘Sky Three’ but has refused to elaborate on its purpose. The prospect of a third station has been talked about for some time; initially its remit was thought to cover reality shows but more recently it was reported that the channel would be aimed at a female audience. Broadcast speculates that the new launch would coincide with a rebrand of existing spinoff Sky Mix into ‘Sky Two’, a male-skewed service.

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