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    Well done i say on her new slot,just goes to show what a true pro she is.
    Kay really seems to be enjoying her new slot and after 17 yrs,boy does she look great!
    Cant help but being delighted at added bonus of seeing more of her legs too!
    Good on ya Sky and keep it goin Kay!

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    What was the best content the news or her – herself?? While she does look good for her age – many women in their forties do now. I know many women in this age range and they have far better legs than Kay.

    As for news content (which ultimately a news channel is all about!!) I find Julie Etchingham’s show the best. The scope for this is fantastic. And no I do not make a mess watching her show- unlike the previous poster!!

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    true kays legs are not taht great any more but i woud still not say no, she still looks good, nce bum. Adn still does a great job and is clearly enjoying her new show. Not haveing to be serious all the time..

    At least she was not kicked out like some were and replaced with others who have only been here less than five minutes.

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    i agree singledub,
    Kay’s track record speaks for itself!
    I wont even dignify our previous poster’s comment with a reply.

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    Kay comes across as totally full of herself.

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    While I am not a Kay stalker, I do admire her ABILITY and not just her LOOKS.

    Her programme today was great. She grilled Tessa Gowell and Adam Ingram. Her interview concerning the insensativity of the Deepcut Barracks open day was fantastic. As for presenters being kicked out. My understanding is that the truly fantastic Viv Creegor left of her own devices. She is not just a news presenter, and involved in a lot of things. Lisa Aziz left due to family commitments and was not kicked out. Sheila Jansen – I am not sure if she left or was ditched. As for Paula – well Johnnie says she is staying put.

    Perhaps I am old fashioned but I watch the news for the news then the presenter – not the other way round. I ask why the hell are we drooling over these women presenters.

    Women are as capable as men to present are the not? You never hear folk dribbling over Roger Clarke, Dan Lobb and Steve Gaisford do you! You are selling Kay short of what she is – by labelling her as nothing but ‘totty’

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