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ITV News – Royal Wedding Coverage

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Daybreak Openers
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Christine Bleakley and Adrian Chiles presents Daybreak
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Julie Etchingham and Phillip Schofield presents from 8:30am – 4:05pm
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Mary Nightingale outside Westminster Abbey
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Mark Austin on the Mall
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Alastair Stewart outside the Goring Hotel
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Nina Hossain in Hyde Park
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Richard Gaisford outside Westminster Abbey
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Grainne Seoige and Dan Lobb in Hyde Park
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Lucy Verasamy in Hyde Park
Chris Ship on Whitehall
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Kate Garraway in Bucklebury
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Romilly Weeks outside Westminster Abbey
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Tom Bradby was inside the Abbey for the wedding, then joined Mary outside
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Debi Edward in St Andrews
[singlepic=25035] [singlepic=25036]
Andrea Benfield in Anglesey
[singlepic=25031] [singlepic=25126]
Emma Murphy in Cumbria
Libby Wiener in Cambridge
[singlepic=25032] [singlepic=25033]
Chris Choi in Bucklebury
[singlepic=25038] [singlepic=25040]
Matt Smith in St Andrews
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[singlepic=25122] [singlepic=25120]
Lucy Meacock in Downing Street
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[singlepic=25128] [singlepic=25130]
Sameena Ali Khan on the Mall
[singlepic=25089] [singlepic=25124]
Gregg Easteal in St Andrews
[singlepic=25162] [singlepic=25159]
Penny Marshall on the Mall
Paul Davies in Hyde Park
ITV News Presenters
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Mary Nightingale and Alastair Stewart presents the Evening News from Buckingham Palace
Mark Austin and Julie Etchingham presents News at Ten from Buckingham Palace
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