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  • Jacqueline Hermon

    In my opinion as a regular Sky viewer Sam Worthington has very scary eyes and is unnerving, she always looks as if she’s plugged into a live electrical socket and definitely does not fit in. Paula Middlehurst is the complete opposite, very professional, speaks clearly and has ‘normal’ eyes, Hannah Tallett has creepy eyes, no warmth and is uncomfortable to watch, Jannat Jalill never smiles or looks welcoming, a very hard, scowling face, Kay Burley has no personality or warmth at all, Sarah Hewson and Lisa Knights are very pleasant but as for Sarah Jane Mee she is SO stuck-up and everything about her says she would rather be somewhere else, never smiles, no warmth. Where on earth do you find these people? The men are all ok but Chris Scudder needs glasses.

  • wendy johnson

    Why is Sky news ignoring the fact that Kurds have been fighting ISIS almost alone. Now they are being allowed to slaughter them. Obama is yet another sick American war monger. While your telling the public about that, tell all about the sneaky TTIP vile deal. It is time for some honest reporting in this country.

  • TC

    Please can you tell me if Lukwesa Burak is still part of your team.

  • Johnnie

    No. Lukwesa left Sky News a few months ago.. She’s now with Al Jazeera English.

  • DE88

    Shame you don’t like Hannah – because if her Twitter account is anything to go by, she’s great fun when the cameras aren’t rolling: