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UPDATE: Conrad Murray found guilty of the involuntary manslaughter of Michael Jackson… The trial of Doctor Conrad Murray will come to an end tonight when the jury return to the courtroom to delivery its verdict. DR. Conrad Murray is on trial for involuntary manslaughter of… Read more

Colonel Muammar Gaddafi is dead. The former Libyan leader, who ruled his country for 42 years, was found in a tunnel in his hometown of Sirte. NTC official Abdel Ghogha said: “We announce to the world that Ghadafi has been killed at the hands of… Read more

The eviction of travellers is set to take place on Dale Farm very shortly.. Dale Farm is part of an Irish Traveller halting site on Oak Lane in Crays Hill, Essex and houses over 1,000 people. In early July 2011 eviction notices were served to… Read more

[jwplayer player=”2″ playlistid=”12043″] The Summer football transfer window closed at 11pm on Wednesday 31st August 2011, and Sky Sports News had wall to wall coverage of all the latest transfer news.. On the BBC, Dan Walker presented a Football Focus special at 6:30pm and 10:30pm… Read more

[jwplayer player=”2″ playlistid=”11622″] On Saturday 6th August 2011, rioting and looting took place in Tottenham high street after a peaceful protest got out of hand — Members of the community were protesting about the death of Mark Duggan, who had been shot by police three… Read more

[jwplayer player=”2″ playlistid=”11336″] BBC London Ident [singlepic=26327] [singlepic=26328] [singlepic=26329] [singlepic=26330] Riz Lateef [singlepic=26323] [singlepic=26331] [singlepic=26336] [singlepic=26339] Mike Ramsden [singlepic=26325] [singlepic=26338] Sara Orchard [singlepic=26341] [singlepic=26430] [singlepic=26432] [singlepic=26343] Peter Cockroft [singlepic=26346] [singlepic=26347] Graphics [singlepic=26340] BBC Special Ident [singlepic=26351] [singlepic=26353] [singlepic=26355] [singlepic=26357] [singlepic=26359] [singlepic=26361] [singlepic=26364] [singlepic=26387] Sophie Raworth… Read more

[jwplayer player=”2″ playlistid=”11254″] Singer Amy Winehouse was found dead at her north London home on 23rd July 2011 at 15:54. [[Roger Johnson]] broke the news to viewers on the BBC News Channel at 17:39, and [[Samantha Simmonds]] broke the news on Sky News at 17:25…. Read more

[jwplayer player=”2″ playlistid=”11136″] On Thursday 7th July 2011, News International announced the closure of the News of the World. The paper, which was founded in 1843, come under pressure following allegations that the newspaper hacked into the phones of missing schoolgirl Milly Dowler and the… Read more

It’s that time of year again when the news teams invade SW19 for the Wimbledon Tennis Championships. Sky Sports News will be live from Wimbledon at 8.30am, 10.30am, 11.30am everyday during the tournament with Wimbledon Report – presented by Kirsty Gallacher and Georgie Thompson. Chris… Read more

[jwplayer player=”2″ playlistid=”10173″] BBC News Vote 2011 [singlepic=25546] [singlepic=25547] [singlepic=25549] [singlepic=25550] [singlepic=25551] [singlepic=25552] [singlepic=25554] [singlepic=25555] With David Dimbleby [singlepic=25558] [singlepic=25560] [singlepic=25566] [singlepic=25573] Emily Maitlis crunching the numbers [singlepic=25562] [singlepic=25563] [singlepic=25564] [singlepic=25565] Jeremy Vine on virtual reality graphics [singlepic=25567] [singlepic=25568] [singlepic=25569] [singlepic=25570] [singlepic=25581] [singlepic=25572] [singlepic=25578] [singlepic=25593]… Read more

[jwplayer player=”2″ playlistid=”10161″] BBC News Mishal Husain presenting from Abbottabad, Pakistan [singlepic=25379] [singlepic=25388] [singlepic=25392] [singlepic=25380] Aleem Maqbool in Abbottabad, Pakistan [singlepic=25357] [singlepic=25360] [singlepic=25368] [singlepic=25369] Katty Kay at the Pentagon [singlepic=25372] [singlepic=25376] Laura Trevelyan at Ground Zero, NYC [singlepic=25377] [singlepic=25378] Orla Guerin in Abbottabad, Pakistan [singlepic=25381]… Read more

On March 26th 2011, around 250,000 people converged on central London to protest against the government’s spending cuts. This is how the news channels covered the day’s event. Sophie Long [singlepic=24766] [singlepic=24767] [singlepic=24779] Ben Ando [singlepic=24780] [singlepic=24781] Ashish Joshi [singlepic=24771] [singlepic=24782] Simon Newton [singlepic=24783] [singlepic=24784]… Read more

[jwplayer config=”Playlist Player” playlistid=”9491″] BBC News with Jane Hill and Lizo Mzimba [singlepic=23629] [singlepic=23631] [singlepic=23632] [singlepic=23633] [singlepic=23634] [singlepic=23635] Sky News with Charlotte Hawkins and Lucy Cotter [singlepic=23636] [singlepic=23637] [singlepic=23638] [singlepic=23639] [singlepic=23640] [singlepic=23642] [singlepic=23645] [singlepic=23647]

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