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Rebecca Williams is a reporter for Sky News. She was previously a reporter for BBC News. Follow Rebecca on Twitter

Paul Mason is an English journalist and broadcaster. He was Culture and Digital Editor of Channel 4 News,[1] becoming the programme’s Economics Editor on 1 June 2014, a post he formerly held on BBC2’s Newsnight programme. He is the author of several books, and a… Read more

Meirion Jones is a producer for the BBC Newsnight programme

Liz is a reporter for the BBC Newsnight Programme

Stephanie Flanders, born 5 August 1968, is the BBC’s economics editor. Stephanie has been a reporter at the New York Times (2001), a speech writer and senior advisor to the US Treasury Secretary (1997-2001), and a Financial Times leader-writer and columnist (1993-7). She became BBC… Read more

Alison Moss is a former reporter for the BBC

Adam Brookes is a former correspondent for the BBC

Alison Holt is a former news reporter for the BBC

Andrew Cassell is a former news reporter for the BBC

Jon Leyne was the Cairo correspondent for BBC News and its 24-hour television news channels BBC World News and BBC News, as well as the BBC’s domestic television and radio channels and the BBC World Service. He worked for the BBC for nearly 30 years,… Read more

Anthony Bartram is a former reporter for the BBC. After four years as a newspaper reporter he joined the BBC in 1996, working in East Anglia for radio and TV news and sport. In 2003 Anthony moved to Nottingham to become Regional Affairs Correspondent for… Read more

Andrew North is a former correspondent for the BBC

Luisa Baldini is a former news correspondent for the BBC. Luisa was a reporter for Breakfast, the BBC’s early morning news strand. In 2005, Luisa reported live from Rome during the death and funeral of Pope John Paul II. Whilst at Breakfast, she covered the… Read more

Brian Hanrahan was a former BBC Diplomatic Correspondent. Brian also occasionally presented The World on BBC Four and BBC World, and special programmes on big news events across the world. Brian was the BBC correspondent during the Falklands war. Brian Hanrahan died in December 2010… Read more

Andrew Harding is a former reporter for the BBC. He was one of the first foreign reporters to reach Aceh after the Asian tsunami. He has also reported undercover from Burma and the Philippines. Recently he’s covered the earthquake in Java, internet suicide groups in… Read more

Allan Little is a former BBC Paris Correspondent Prior to this, he has had stints as Africa Correspondent, Moscow Correspondent and South Africa Correspondent. Allan joined the BBC in 1983 and has also been involved in many current affairs projects. He has also presented the… Read more

Gutto Harri is a former BBC News Correspondent. Prior to this, he worked in Rome and was BBC News 24’s Chief Political Correspondent based in Westminster. While undertaking this role, he also presented the channel’s weekly interview programme, One To One. Guto has been a… Read more

Peter Lane joined Five News as North Of England Correspondent in early 2005. Peter joined from the BBC where he was Midlands Correspondent, reporting on the One, Six and Ten O’clock News bulletins. During his time with the BBC he covered the Soham murder investigation… Read more

Jenny Scott co-presents The Daily Politics with Andrew Neil each weekday. Jenny joined the programme in 2005 after spending several years as the BBC News Economics Correspondent. Jenny has also presented on BBC News 24. Born in Windsor, Berkshire, Scott graduated with a degree in… Read more

Daisy McAndrew (née Sampson) is former correspondent for ITV News She was originally Chief Political Correspondent for ITV News, however after the departure of Mark Eddo, Daisy suceeded him as Economics Editor. McAndrew is set to become “Special Correspondent” for ITV News in late 2011… Read more

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