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[jwplayer config=”HQ Single” mediaid=”49901″] BBC Sport Titles – Ryder Cup 2012

[jwplayer config=”Main Player” mediaid=”11112″] Ident Generic Graphics Scorecard [singlepic=26063] [singlepic=26065] Name Strap [singlepic=26064] Masters Scorecard [singlepic=26056] [singlepic=26057] Player Card [singlepic=26058] [singlepic=26059] Name Straps [singlepic=26054] [singlepic=26055] Player Name Strap [singlepic=26060] [singlepic=26061] Scottish Open Scorecard [singlepic=26067] [singlepic=26068] Scorecard (small) [singlepic=26074] Name Strap [singlepic=26070] Player Card [singlepic=26071] [singlepic=26072]…

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