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Former news presenter Marylyn Webb has died at the age of 66 at her home in Lincolnshire. Marylyn was one of the most popular presenters on Yorkshire Television for nearly 20 years. As a reporter she covered some of the biggest national stories including the… Read more

The main base for the north of England for ITV experienced a powercut yesterday lunchtime, meaning that ITV Calendar, ITV Central, ITV Granada, ITV Tyne Tees were unable to broadcast their lunchtime news at 1:55. The problem was resolved at around 16:00 in preparation for… Read more

ITV Calendar news have launched their facebook page which will allow viewers to interact in a new way. It allows users to react to news stories as well as provide their views on the programme. Behind the scenes content and exclusive videos will only be… Read more

ITV Yorkshire presented its last sub-regional evening bulletins tonight. The new service, which covers the whole of the Yorkshire region will start tomorrow and will be presented by Calendar North presenters, Duncan Wood and Christine Talbot. Calendar South Presenters, John Shires and Gaynor Barnes will… Read more

ITV Calendar opened with a special ident tonight. Anglia did the same thing last month after the conviction of serial rapist, Steve Wright. As for Calendar’s counterpart – Harry Gration and Christa Ackroyd are presenting Look North from outside the home of Shannon Matthews.

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