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ITV Central correspondent, Keith Wilkinson, behind the scenes during the Royal Wedding on April 29th, 2011.

Gloucester Floods – Exclusive Images [singlepic=3265] An image of the Sky News tent. [singlepic=3268] Close up of Sky News tent – Jeremy Thompson is anchor [singlepic=3266] BBC satelite truck. [singlepic=3267] BBC satelite truck. Weather forecaster Dan Corbett is 3rd from left.

Thanks to the TV Ark for supplying this image.

Hazel Murray and her amateur team – J D Hazeldene Gardeners – were awarded the Presidents Bowl for Best Courtyard Garden in the Chelsea FlowerShow 2003 – which as first timers they are all hugely proud about. you can check out the offical website at… Read more

These Exculsive images of Alex Crawford and Philip Bloom were taken in October 2004, from Gaza, Taba and Egypt.

These Exculsive images of Lisa Holland were taken in August 2004, from the Athens Olympics.

[singlepic=3281] 1. Studio 2 – The main ITV News studio. [singlepic=3282] 2. Studio 4 – The main London Tonight studio. [singlepic=3283] 3. Studio 4 – Autocue in the London Tonight Studio.

Pictures of Jeremy Thompson and Sky at Hemel Hempstead covering the blasts at a oil depot.

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