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Martin Steven Lewis (born 9 May 1972 in Withington, Manchester, United Kingdom) is journalist, television presenter, website entrepreneur and author in the United Kingdom, who specialises in ways to save money. He is often referred to in the media as a “consumer campaigner” or “consumer… Read more

Lorraine Kelly (born 30 November 1959, Glasgow, Scotland) is a Scottish television presenter and journalist best known as a presenter for TV-am, and later GMTV/ITV Breakfast, on her self-titled programme Lorraine. Early life Kelly’s father, John, worked as a television repairman. She attended Claremont High… Read more

Richard has appeared daily on GMTV as a TV critic since 2000, including a stint co-hosting LK Today with colleague Kate Garraway. Richard began his career in journalism, and comes from a strong print journalism background. His career started in 1993 as a member of… Read more

Daniel Jonathon Lobb (“Dan Lobb”), born 7 January 1972, is a British television sports presenter and a former tennis player. He is a former presenter on Sky Sports and GMTV and is now Sports Editor for ITV’s weekday breakfast show Daybreak. Lobb grew up just… Read more

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