Images and videos of News & Sport presentation,..

Sky News began broadcasting from their brand new studio in Sky Central today (24th Oct 2016).

BBC Euro 2016 Titles BBC Euro 2016 Graphics BBC Euro 2016 Studio

Euro 2016 Titles Euro 2016 Graphics Euro 2016 Studio

Sky Sports has unveiled a new on air look for its PGA Golf coverage this evening (Thursday 12 February 2015) There’s a new ident And a new studio!

It seems Kay Burley is now presenting her afternoon bulletins entirely from the Newswall.. She had been presenting more from the newswall than the main desk in recent days, but as of today as a new podium at the corner of the newswall.

Sky Sports Presentation 2014 – Ryder Cup Titles

[jwplayer player=”1″ mediaid=”109970″] FIA Formula E – ITV Sport Presentation – Titles Graphics Studio

[jwplayer mediaid=”109876″] Saturday Night Football – Sky Sports Presentation 2014 – Titles Programme Graphics Match Graphics SkyPad Studio Game of the Day / Match Choice

NFL 2014 – Channel 4 Titles With Nat Coombs and Mike Carlson Graphics Studio

Sky Sports NFL 2014 – Titles Graphics Studio

On 1st September 2014, Sky News launched a new evening news programme called ‘Sky News Tonight’. The programme showcases the best of Sky News’ journalism with interviews with major guests, studio debate, analysis and a pioneering social media cross-over. Hosted by Adam Boulton and Sarah… Read more

Tonight’s edition of Match of the Day used retro graphics during the Crystal Palace v West Ham United match. Former commentator Barry Davies was calling the action.

Match of the Day 2014 – Titles Match of the Day 2014 – Graphics

Sportscene Results 2014 – Titles Sportscene Results 2014 – Graphics

Football League Show 2014 – Titles Football League Show 2014 – Graphics Football League Show 2014 – Studio

Football Focus 2014 – Titles Football Focus 2014 – Graphics & Studio

On 16 August 2014, BT Sport launched a new Saturday morning show named “Matchday Live with Fletch & Sav”, which sees Robbie Savage join commentator Darren Fletcher for a 2 hour build up to the 12.45pm Premier League kick-off. The show covers the biggest stories… Read more

Opening Sequence (Titles) Graphics Social Media Hub Studio

[jwplayer player=”1″ mediaid=”107978″] Titles Graphics

Here’s a few images of Sky Sports News’ new studio, which will hit the airwaves on Tuesday 12th August 2014. The Mirror, who got an exclusive behind-the-scenes look at the new studio, says the studio will feature a giant 30 foot TV screen behind the… Read more

Week in Review 2014 – Titles With Jayne Secker Andrew Pierce and Kevin Maguire Graphics Studio (3 shot)

Sky News spent 24 hours (Sat 7 Spt – Sun 8 Spt 2013) in the A&E department of Queen’s Medical Centre, Nottingham. Sky News was live to see how one A&E department was coping and dealing with pressures on its staff and services. The Sky… Read more

Sky News scraped its standard definition graphics this morning. The SD version of the channel is now using the HD designed graphics, which includes a single line text graphic rather than a two-lined block graphic. Also, the on-screen graphics are now being broadcast in a… Read more

[jwplayer config=”HQ Single” mediaid=”58547″]

[jwplayer config=”HQ Single” mediaid=”55659″] BBC Formula One Titles 2013

ITV News With.. On the programme Ident Graphics – Straps Graphics – Window Keys Graphics -Newspapers Graphics – Coming Up Graphics – Others Studio

U.S Presidential Election 2012 – Live on the BBC With David Dimbleby in Washington D.C. Katty Kay in Washington D.C. Philippa Thomas in Chicago Ian Pannell in Boston Jon Sopel in Virgina Clive Myrie in Ohio Laura Trevelyan in Florida Emily Maitlis at the Magicboard… Read more

U.S. Presidential Election – Live on ITV With Alastair Stewart in London Julie Etchingham in New York Mark Austin in Washington D.C. Geraint Vincent in Ohio Robert Moore in Chicago Bill Neely in Boston Richard Edgar in the City of London Emma Murphy at U.S…. Read more

U.S. Presidential Election 2012 – Live on Sky News With Jeremy Thompson in Chicago Kay Burley in Las Vegas Adam Boulton in Washington Dominic Waghorn in Chicago Greg Milam in Boston Ian Woods in Virgina Amanda Walker in Florida Tim Marshall in Ohio Michelle Clifford… Read more

Daybreak – U.S. Presidential Election 2012 – 6th November .. With John Stapleton in Washington Lucy Watson in New York And Ross King in Los Angeles On Tuesday 6th November 2012 Graphics

On Monday 5th November, the eve of the 2012 presidential election, Sky’s Business presenter Jeff Randall presented his business programme from the United States of America. Jeff Randall Live – Live from Chicago

[jwplayer config=”HQ Single” mediaid=”49901″] BBC Sport Titles – Ryder Cup 2012

Sky Sports Titles – Ryder Cup 2012

Lorraine 2012 – Titles Graphics Studio

Daybreak .. With Matt Barbet and Ranvir Singh (6-7am) .. And Aled Jones and Lorraine Kelly (7-8.30am) On the Programme Main Titles Graphics Newspapers Weather Studio

[jwplayer config=”HQ Single” mediaid=”48168″] On Thursday 16 August 2012, Sky Sports relaunched ‘The Footballers Football show’.. The new show, hosted by David Jones every Thursday night for 90 minutes at 8pm, feature some of the game’s biggest names – from chairmen to administrators to former… Read more

Images of the BBC Three’s London 2012 studio based in the Olympic Park.

Images of Olympic Broadcasting Services (OBS) Graphics used during the 2012 London games..

Images of the BBC’s London 2012 graphics..

Images of the BBC’s London 2012 studio based in the Olympic Park.

[jwplayer config=”HQ Single” mediaid=”47058″] London 2012 Olympic Games – BBC Titles

Sky News Ident 2012

BBC Three presented live coverage of the Euro 2012 clash between Greece v Russia from an alternative sports studio in Salford tonight. Gary Lineker was in the main Match of the Day studio on BBC One presenting coverage of the second Group A game between… Read more

[jwplayer config=”HQ Single” mediaid=”45606″] ITV Euro 2012 Presentation – Titles Name Straps Teams Other Graphics Coming Up UEFA Graphics (non-ITV) Studio Shots

[jwplayer config=”HQ Single” mediaid=”45603″] BBC Euro 2012 Presentation – Titles Presented by Gary Lineker Virtual Wall Graphics Floor Graphics UEFA Graphics (non-BBC) More images coming soon..

Sky News launched a new look to its Business coverage today. Sam Washington presented the first bulletin with the new graphics at 9:45am this morning.

Images of Golf Channel’s Kelly Tilghman at the 2012 Kraft Nabisco Championship..

Images of Natalie Pinkham in Sepang, Malaysia for the second round of the 2012 Formula One season.

Images of Georgie Thompson in Sepang, Malaysia for the second round of the 2012 Formula One season.

Sky News Graphics 2011-2012 – Mainly used for hardtimes, budget, and general business/economy stories.

Sky News Graphics 2012: Used for London 2012 Olympics stories.

In January 2012, Sky Sports Golf moved out of the portable cabin into a brand new studio in Sky Studios. The new set features a presenting area and ‘Sky Shot Centre’ – a technical area where coaches and guests demonstrate the nuances of the professional… Read more

Sky News Graphics 2011-2012: These graphics are used for the Arab uprising.

Sky News Graphics 2012: These graphics are used for U.S. Election 2012 stories

Sky News Graphics 2011-2012: Eurozone Crisis graphics used for European debt and economy stories..

Images of Sky News presenter Jayne Secker and entertainment correspondent Lucy Cotter covering the 2012 Oscars in Hollywood.

Images of Sky News presenters Andrew Wilson and Rachel Younger hosting coverage of the 2012 film Baftas.

Images of Celina Hinchcliffe presenting the Sports news on Sky News..

[jwplayer config=”HQ Single” mediaid=”42747″] BBC Sport – Formula One – Opening Package 2012

[jwplayer config=”HQ Single” mediaid=”42717″] BBC Sport – Formula One – Titles 2012

Sky Sports F1 Ident Titles Launch Promo skyPad Studio Graphics

On Thursday 8th March 2012, Sky News marked International Women’s day with a female-led presenting team. 6am – 9am: Lorna Dunkley presented Sunrise, with Charlotte Hawkins, Jacquie Beltrao on Sport and Nazaneen Ghaffar on Weather. 9am – 10am: Charlotte Hawkins presented her usual slot. 10am… Read more

Channel 5 News – Openers Titles Also on the Programme Presenter links to the top story Straps Coming Up Other Graphics Programme ends Studio Shots Weather

[jwplayer config=”News Player” mediaid=”41363″]

Sky Sports Rugby Super League – Titles 2012 Match The Teams Name Straps Match starts Scorecard Try Margin Half/Full time stats Conversion Kick Final Time Score Split Screen Other Grahpics Coming up promo

[jwplayer config=”News Player” mediaid=”41012″]

Daybreak 2012 – Titles Graphics Weather Studio

Daybreak Christmas Titles 2011

Solheim Cup 2011 The 12th Solheim Cup took place from the Killeen Castle in County Meath in Ireland from 23rd – 25th September 2011. Presentation

[jwplayer config=”HQ Single” mediaid=”12251″] The Rugby World Cup 2011 – live and exclusively on ITV1 and ITV4. ITV Sport Bumper [singlepic=27046] [singlepic=27047] [singlepic=27048] [singlepic=27049] Rugby World Cup 2011 Titles [singlepic=27050] [singlepic=27052] [singlepic=27054] [singlepic=27056] [singlepic=27058] [singlepic=27062] [singlepic=27065] [singlepic=27068] [singlepic=27070] [singlepic=27072] [singlepic=27074] [singlepic=27075] Presented by Steve Rider… Read more

[jwplayer config=”Main Player” mediaid=”11672″] The Football League Show 2011 [singlepic=26746] [singlepic=26747] [singlepic=26748] [singlepic=26749] [singlepic=26750] [singlepic=26751] [singlepic=26753] [singlepic=26755] [singlepic=26757] [singlepic=26759] [singlepic=26762] [singlepic=26763] With Manish Bhasin [singlepic=26785] [singlepic=26786] … And Steve Claridge [singlepic=26783] [singlepic=26784] The Teams [singlepic=26767] [singlepic=26768] [singlepic=26769] [singlepic=26770] [singlepic=26771] [singlepic=26772] League Graphics [singlepic=26787] [singlepic=26838] [singlepic=26840]… Read more

BBC Football Focus 2011 Presentation

[jwplayer config=”Main Player” mediaid=”11636″] Match of the Day Ident [singlepic=26628] [singlepic=26630] [singlepic=26632] [singlepic=26634] [singlepic=26636] [singlepic=26638] [singlepic=26640] [singlepic=26642] [singlepic=26644] [singlepic=26645] [singlepic=26646] [singlepic=26647] [singlepic=26648] [singlepic=26649] [singlepic=26650] [singlepic=26651] Gary Lineker links to the match [singlepic=26654] [singlepic=26655] The Teams [singlepic=26656] [singlepic=26657] [singlepic=26658] [singlepic=26659] [singlepic=26660] [singlepic=26661] The Commentator and Referee… Read more

Sky News hosted an hour long debate on Thursday 11th August 2011 at 20:00 on the recent rioting that had swept the country. The debate, hosted by Colin Brazier, was divided into three sections: Why are they rioting? Who do we blame? What can we… Read more

[jwplayer config=”Main Player” mediaid=”11112″] Ident Generic Graphics Scorecard [singlepic=26063] [singlepic=26065] Name Strap [singlepic=26064] Masters Scorecard [singlepic=26056] [singlepic=26057] Player Card [singlepic=26058] [singlepic=26059] Name Straps [singlepic=26054] [singlepic=26055] Player Name Strap [singlepic=26060] [singlepic=26061] Scottish Open Scorecard [singlepic=26067] [singlepic=26068] Scorecard (small) [singlepic=26074] Name Strap [singlepic=26070] Player Card [singlepic=26071] [singlepic=26072]… Read more

[jwplayer config=”Main Player” mediaid=”10907″] The BBC has televised Wimbledon since 1937 and produces over 900 hours of footage. BBC One and BBC Two show coverage from 12 noon until 9pm each day. As well as BBC Red Button coverage Coverage is presented by Sue Barker,… Read more

[jwplayer config=”Main Player” mediaid=”10897″] The BBC has televised Wimbledon since 1937 and produces over 900 hours of footage. BBC One and BBC Two show coverage from 12 noon until 9pm each day. As well as BBC Red Button coverage Coverage is presented by Sue Barker,… Read more

[jwplayer config=”Main Player” mediaid=”10534″] Formula One 2010 Ident Graphics The Grid [singlepic=25839] [singlepic=25840] [singlepic=25841] [singlepic=25842] [singlepic=25843] [singlepic=25844] The Results [singlepic=25825] [singlepic=25826] [singlepic=25827] [singlepic=25828] [singlepic=25829] [singlepic=25830] [singlepic=25831] Name Graphics [singlepic=25833] [singlepic=25834] [singlepic=25835] [singlepic=25836] [singlepic=25837] [singlepic=25838] Other Grapics [singlepic=25846] [singlepic=25832] Formula One Graphics (Non BBC) [singlepic=25792] [singlepic=25793]… Read more

Ident [singlepic=23459] [singlepic=23460] [singlepic=23461] [singlepic=23462] [singlepic=23463] [singlepic=23464] [singlepic=23466] [singlepic=23467] Graphics Straps [singlepic=23524] [singlepic=23525] [singlepic=23527] [singlepic=23530] [singlepic=23534] [singlepic=23535] [singlepic=23537] [singlepic=23540] Split Screens [singlepic=23509] [singlepic=23510] [singlepic=23511] [singlepic=23512] [singlepic=23513] [singlepic=23514] [singlepic=23516] [singlepic=23517] Full Screens [singlepic=23483] [singlepic=23484] [singlepic=23485] [singlepic=23486] [singlepic=23487] [singlepic=23488] [singlepic=23489] [singlepic=23490] Sports [singlepic=23521] [singlepic=23522] [singlepic=23523]] Business [singlepic=23468]… Read more

Ident [singlepic=23323] [singlepic=23324] [singlepic=23325] [singlepic=23327] [singlepic=23329] [singlepic=23331] [singlepic=23333] [singlepic=23335] Straps [singlepic=23389] [singlepic=23390] [singlepic=23391] [singlepic=23392] [singlepic=23393] [singlepic=23394] [singlepic=23395] [singlepic=23396] Split Screens [singlepic=23366] [singlepic=23368] [singlepic=23370] [singlepic=23371] [singlepic=23373] [singlepic=23375] [singlepic=23376] [singlepic=23377] Full Screens [singlepic=23349] [singlepic=23351] [singlepic=23353] [singlepic=23355] [singlepic=23357] [singlepic=23359] [singlepic=23361] [singlepic=23363] Sports [singlepic=23378] [singlepic=23380] [singlepic=23382] [singlepic=23384] [singlepic=23386] [singlepic=23388]… Read more

Ident [singlepic=23280] [singlepic=23281] [singlepic=23282] [singlepic=23283] [singlepic=23284] [singlepic=23286] [singlepic=23290] [singlepic=23291] Graphics Straps [singlepic=23253] [singlepic=23255] [singlepic=23256] [singlepic=23258] [singlepic=23260] [singlepic=23264] [singlepic=23267] [singlepic=23270] Split Screens [singlepic=23183] [singlepic=23184] [singlepic=23185] [singlepic=23186] [singlepic=23187] [singlepic=23188] [singlepic=23189] [singlepic=23190] Full Screens [singlepic=23164] [singlepic=23166] [singlepic=23168] [singlepic=23170] [singlepic=23172] [singlepic=23175] [singlepic=23177] [singlepic=23182] Sports [singlepic=23193] [singlepic=23194] [singlepic=23195] [singlepic=23196] Business… Read more

Main Ident [singlepic=23110] [singlepic=23111] [singlepic=23112] [singlepic=23114] [singlepic=23115] [singlepic=23116] Update [singlepic=23141] [singlepic=23142] [singlepic=23143] [singlepic=23144] Graphics Straps [singlepic=23119] [singlepic=23121] [singlepic=23124] [singlepic=23126] [singlepic=23130] [singlepic=23135] [singlepic=23137] [singlepic=23140] Split Screens [singlepic=23117] [singlepic=23118] Full Screens [singlepic=23103] [singlepic=23104] [singlepic=23105] [singlepic=23106] [singlepic=23107] [singlepic=23109] Weather [singlepic=23145] [singlepic=23146] [singlepic=23147] [singlepic=23148] [singlepic=23149] [singlepic=23150] [singlepic=23151] [singlepic=23152]

Straps [singlepic=23087] [singlepic=23088] [singlepic=23089] [singlepic=23090] [singlepic=23091] [singlepic=23092] Full Screen [singlepic=23095] [singlepic=23096] [singlepic=23097] [singlepic=23098] [singlepic=23099] [singlepic=23100]

Ident [singlepic=23067] [singlepic=23068] [singlepic=23069] [singlepic=23070] Graphics Straps [singlepic=23071] [singlepic=23072] [singlepic=23073] [singlepic=23074] Split Screens [singlepic=23066] Full Screen [singlepic=23064] [singlepic=23065]

Ident [singlepic=23057] [singlepic=23058] [singlepic=23059] [singlepic=23061] [singlepic=23062] [singlepic=23063] Graphics Straps [singlepic=23051] [singlepic=23052] Split Screens [singlepic=23049] [singlepic=23050] Full Screen [singlepic=23046] [singlepic=23047] [singlepic=23048]

Idents [singlepic=22978] [singlepic=22979] [singlepic=22980] [singlepic=22981] [singlepic=22982] [singlepic=22983] [singlepic=22984] [singlepic=22985] Graphics Straps [singlepic=22989] [singlepic=22990] [singlepic=22991] Split Screens [singlepic=22986] [singlepic=22987] [singlepic=22988] Full Screen [singlepic=22966] [singlepic=22967] [singlepic=22968] [singlepic=22969] [singlepic=22970] [singlepic=22971] Weekend Ident [singlepic=22992] [singlepic=22993] [singlepic=22994] [singlepic=22995] [singlepic=22996] [singlepic=22997] [singlepic=22998] [singlepic=22999] [singlepic=23000] [singlepic=23001]

Ident [singlepic=22948] [singlepic=22949] [singlepic=22950] [singlepic=22951] [singlepic=22952] [singlepic=22954] Graphics [singlepic=22955] [singlepic=22956] [singlepic=22957] [singlepic=22958] [singlepic=22959] [singlepic=22960] [singlepic=22961] [singlepic=22962] [singlepic=22963] [singlepic=22964]

Titles [singlepic=22931] [singlepic=22932] [singlepic=22933] [singlepic=22934] [singlepic=22935] [singlepic=22936] [singlepic=22937] [singlepic=22938] Straps [singlepic=22903] [singlepic=22904] [singlepic=22905] [singlepic=22906] [singlepic=22908] [singlepic=22909] [singlepic=22911] [singlepic=22913] Split Screens [singlepic=22892] [singlepic=22893] [singlepic=22894] [singlepic=22895] [singlepic=22896] [singlepic=22897] Sports [singlepic=22898] [singlepic=22899] [singlepic=22900] [singlepic=22901] Full Screen Graphics [singlepic=22865] [singlepic=22867] [singlepic=22869] [singlepic=22871] [singlepic=22873] [singlepic=22875] [singlepic=22877] [singlepic=22879] Weather [singlepic=22939] [singlepic=22940]… Read more

Titles [singlepic=22854] [singlepic=22855] [singlepic=22856] [singlepic=22857] [singlepic=22858] [singlepic=22859] [singlepic=22860] [singlepic=22861] [singlepic=22862] [singlepic=22864] Graphics Straps [singlepic=22826] [singlepic=22827] [singlepic=22828] [singlepic=22830] [singlepic=22832] [singlepic=22834] [singlepic=22836] [singlepic=22842] [singlepic=22844] [singlepic=22846] Split Screens [singlepic=22816] [singlepic=22817] [singlepic=22819] [singlepic=22821] [singlepic=22823] [singlepic=22824] Full Screen Graphics [singlepic=22806] [singlepic=22808] [singlepic=22810] [singlepic=22812] [singlepic=22814] [singlepic=22816]

Titles [singlepic=22767] [singlepic=22768] [singlepic=22769] [singlepic=22770] [singlepic=22771] [singlepic=22772] [singlepic=22773] [singlepic=22774] [singlepic=22775] [singlepic=22776] [singlepic=22777] [singlepic=22778] [singlepic=22779] [singlepic=22781] Graphics Straps [singlepic=22785] [singlepic=22786] [singlepic=22787] [singlepic=22788] [singlepic=22789] [singlepic=22790] [singlepic=22791] [singlepic=22792] [singlepic=22793] [singlepic=22794] Split Screens [singlepic=22764] [singlepic=22765] [singlepic=22766] Full Screen Graphics [singlepic=22782] [singlepic=22783] [singlepic=22784] Weather [singlepic=22796] [singlepic=22797] [singlepic=22798] [singlepic=22799] [singlepic=22800] [singlepic=22801]

Full Screen Graphics [singlepic=22754] [singlepic=22755] Split Screens [singlepic=22756] [singlepic=22757] Straps [singlepic=22758] [singlepic=22759] [singlepic=22760] [singlepic=22761] [singlepic=22762] [singlepic=22763]

On 17th January 2011, Sky News launched a new programme called ‘Boulton & Co’, Presented by Political Editor Adam Boulton and Royal Correspondent Sarah Hewson. The hour-long programme airs from 1pm each weekday and features forensic interviews and hard hitting debate on the day’s breaking… Read more

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