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The Premier League – Sky Sports Promo 2016

Euro 2016 – Sky Sports Promo

Watch as Thierry Henry relives iconic Premier League moments in the new Sky Sports TV advert. To celebrate the start of the new Premier League season on Sky Sports, the new advert, which uses ground-breaking special effects, will take two-time Premier League winner Thierry back… Read more

[jwplayer player=”1″ mediaid=”112539″] Sky Sports News HQ Promo 2015 – Transfer Deadline Day

[jwplayer player=”1″ mediaid=”112050″] Sky Sports Promo 2014 – Welcoming Thierry Henry

[jwplayer mediaid=”109876″] Saturday Night Football – Sky Sports Presentation 2014 – Titles Programme Graphics Match Graphics SkyPad Studio Game of the Day / Match Choice

[jwplayer player=”1″ mediaid=”108042″]

[jwplayer player=”1″ mediaid=”108039″]

[jwplayer player=”1″ mediaid=”107978″] Titles Graphics

[jwplayer player=”1″ mediaid=”107897″] A Brilliant New Season on Sky Sports – Promo

[jwplayer player=”1″ mediaid=”67033″] “We speak the language of the World Cup” – Sky Sports Promo 2014

[jwplayer player=”1″ mediaid=”66981″]

[jwplayer player=”1″ mediaid=”63442″] Sky Sports Promo 2014: Transfer Deadline Day

[jwplayer player=”1″ mediaid=”60799″] Sky Sports Promo 2013 – Transfer Deadline Day (Summer)

[jwplayer config=”HQ Single” mediaid=”60461″] Sky Sports Promo 2013: The Time Has Come!

[jwplayer config=”HQ Single” mediaid=”60436″] Sky Sports Promo 2013: Is It Time Yet?

[jwplayer config=”HQ Single” mediaid=”60418″] Sky Sports Promo 2013: 116 Premier League Games in HD (Higher Love)

[jwplayer config=”HQ Single” mediaid=”59667″]

[jwplayer config=”HQ Single” mediaid=”59648″] Sky Sports Football Promo 2013 featuring David Beckham

[jwplayer config=”HQ Single” mediaid=”57962″]

[jwplayer config=”HQ Single” mediaid=”54483″] Sky Sports Promo 2013 – Gary Neville: “Why do you fall in love with football?”

[jwplayer config=”HQ Single” mediaid=”54148″] Sky Sports News Promo 2013 – Transfer Deadline Day (Jan)

[jwplayer config=”HQ Single” mediaid=”48387″] Transfer Deadline Day (August 2012) – Sky Sports News Promo

[jwplayer config=”HQ Single” mediaid=”48168″] On Thursday 16 August 2012, Sky Sports relaunched ‘The Footballers Football show’.. The new show, hosted by David Jones every Thursday night for 90 minutes at 8pm, feature some of the game’s biggest names – from chairmen to administrators to former… Read more

[jwplayer config=”HQ Single” mediaid=”48000″] Every Goal Matters – Sky Sports Promo 2012

[jwplayer config=”Playlist Player” playlist.position=”right” playlistid=”9358″] Ident [singlepic=20879] [singlepic=20880] [singlepic=20881] [singlepic=20883] [singlepic=20885] [singlepic=20886] [singlepic=20887] [singlepic=20888] [singlepic=20892] [singlepic=20894] [singlepic=20896] [singlepic=20898] [singlepic=20900] [singlepic=20901] Presented by Richard Keys & Andy Gray [singlepic=20902] [singlepic=20904] Live From.. [singlepic=20922] [singlepic=20924] [singlepic=20925] [singlepic=20928] Team News [singlepic=20935] [singlepic=20936] [singlepic=20937] [singlepic=20938] Andy’s Magicboard [singlepic=20939] [singlepic=20940]… Read more

[jwplayer config=”HQ Single” mediaid=”9261″] Ident [singlepic=20526] [singlepic=20527] [singlepic=20529] [singlepic=20530] [singlepic=20532] [singlepic=20534] [singlepic=20535] [singlepic=20536] [singlepic=20537] [singlepic=20539] Live From.. [singlepic=20540] [singlepic=20541] Presented By Richard Keys (SS2) & Ben Shephard (SS4) [singlepic=20588] [singlepic=20543] Charlotte Jackson details the other matches on Sky Spports [singlepic=20592] [singlepic=20594] [singlepic=20596] [singlepic=20603] The Teams… Read more

[jwplayer config=”HQ Single” mediaid=”9260″] Ident [singlepic=20479] [singlepic=20481] [singlepic=20483] [singlepic=20484] [singlepic=20487] [singlepic=20488] [singlepic=20491] [singlepic=20494] [singlepic=20496] [singlepic=20499] [singlepic=20500] [singlepic=20503] [singlepic=20505] [singlepic=20506] [singlepic=20508] Live from.. [singlepic=20509] [singlepic=20510] [singlepic=20511] [singlepic=20512] [singlepic=20513] Presented by Richard Keys [singlepic=20476] [singlepic=20478] Team News [singlepic=20514] [singlepic=20515] [singlepic=20516] [singlepic=20517] The Teams [singlepic=20412] [singlepic=20413] [singlepic=20415] [singlepic=20421]… Read more

[jwplayer config=”HQ Single” mediaid=”9250″] Ident [singlepic=20181] [singlepic=20182] [singlepic=20183] [singlepic=20184] [singlepic=20186] [singlepic=20187] [singlepic=20188] [singlepic=20190] [singlepic=20191] [singlepic=20193] [singlepic=20196] [singlepic=20197] [singlepic=20198] [singlepic=20199] Presented by Jeff Stelliing [singlepic=20201] [singlepic=20202] Live From.. [singlepic=20204] [singlepic=20205] Interviews with teams [singlepic=20178] [singlepic=20179] The Teams [singlepic=20218] [singlepic=20219] [singlepic=20220] [singlepic=20221] [singlepic=20222] [singlepic=20223] [singlepic=20225] [singlepic=20226] Kick… Read more

[jwplayer config=”Playlist Player” playlist.position=”right” playlistid=”9357″] Ident [singlepic=20131] [singlepic=20132] [singlepic=20133] [singlepic=20134] [singlepic=20135] [singlepic=20136] [singlepic=20137] [singlepic=20138] [singlepic=20139] [singlepic=20140] [singlepic=20141] [singlepic=20142] Presented by David Jones [singlepic=20143] [singlepic=20144] Live from… [singlepic=20146] [singlepic=20147] Team Talk [singlepic=20152] [singlepic=20153] The Teams [singlepic=20158] [singlepic=20159] [singlepic=20160] [singlepic=20161] [singlepic=20162] [singlepic=20163] [singlepic=20164] [singlepic=20166] Kick Off [singlepic=20171]… Read more

“Jumpers for Goalposts” – Version 2

“Jumpers For Goalposts” – Staff

“Jumpers for Goalposts” Long Version

Sky Sports Promo – Transfer Window 2010

Sky Sports Promo – Football 2010

Sky Sports News Promo – Transfer Window

Sky Sports Promo – New Season, Escala

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