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Sky Sports News Idents

Opening Sequence (Titles) Graphics Social Media Hub Studio

[jwplayer config=”HQ Single” mediaid=”57537″] Sky Sports News Ident 2013 Graphics

[jwplayer config=”HQ Single” mediaid=”41909″] Sky Sports News – Ident 2012

[jwplayer config=”HQ Single” mediaid=”9241″] Main Ident [singlepic=20003] [singlepic=20004] [singlepic=20005] [singlepic=20006] [singlepic=20007] [singlepic=20008] [singlepic=20009] [singlepic=20010] [singlepic=20011] [singlepic=20012] [singlepic=20013] [singlepic=20015] Openers [singlepic=20016] [singlepic=20017] [singlepic=20018] [singlepic=20019] [singlepic=20020] [singlepic=20021] [singlepic=20022] [singlepic=20023] [singlepic=20024] [singlepic=20025] Presenters link to the top story [singlepic=20026] [singlepic=20027] [singlepic=20029] [singlepic=20030] Graphics Name Straps [singlepic=20031] [singlepic=20032] [singlepic=20051]…

[jwplayer config=”Main Player” mediaid=”9053″] Sky Sports News Ident 2010

[jwplayer config=”Main Player” mediaid=”9052″] Sky Sports News Ident 2008

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