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Vance DeGeneres is a former correspondent for The Daily Show. On The Daily Show, DeGeneres would occasionally present a feature done in the style of a Dateline NBC report, known as “Tale of Survival.” In it, a trivial incident was reported as if it had… Read more

Steve Carell is a former correspondent for The Daily Show. Steve rose to fame as a correspondent on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart, from 1999 to 2004. Since 2005, he has starred in the popular American version of the television sitcom The Office, as… Read more

Stephen Colbert is host of The Colbert Report. In 2005, he left The Daily Show to host its newly-created spin-off series, The Colbert Report. Following The Daily Show’s news-parody concept, The Colbert Report styles itself as a parody of personality-driven political opinion shows such as… Read more

Samantha Bee is a correspondent for The Daily Show. As of 2006, Bee is currently the only female correspondent on The Daily Show, although the show has had several others since its inception. She was The Daily Show’s first non-U.S. citizen correspondent. Bee is married… Read more

Rob Riggle is a correspondent for The Daily Show. A Major in the United States Marine Corps Reserve, Riggle has served in Liberia, Kosovo, and Afghanistan. He is currently a public affairs officer and has seen combat. In August 2007 Riggle went to Iraq to… Read more

Rob Corddry is a correspondent for The Daily Show. He has become one of The Daily Show’s popular correspondents, where he is well known for his cocky attitude during interviews. Since the departure of Stephen Colbert, who left to host his own show, The Colbert… Read more

Lewis Black is host of “Back in Black” on The Daily Show. He is known for his comedy style which often simulates a mental breakdown or rant, ridiculing (mostly American) history, politics, the Republican party, the Democratic party, trends, and cultural phenomena. He lives in… Read more

Lauren Weedman is a former correspondent for The Daily Show. Before joining the cast of The Daily Show in 2001, Lauren Weedman made a name for herself on Seattle’s KING-TV 5 as a member of the ensemble sketch comedy show Almost Live!”

Larry Wilmore is a correspondent for The Daily Show. He has been working in television for nearly thirty years, primarily as a writer. He has written for Into the Night with Rick Dees, In Living Color, The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, The PJs (which he… Read more

John Oliver is a correspondent for The Daily Show. His previous credits include The Department with Chris Addison and Andy Zaltzman, Political Animal, Fighting Talk, My Hero, and Mock the Week. Oliver is a fan of Liverpool FC. In 2007 Oliver was given his first… Read more

Jason Jones correspondent for The Daily Show. In 2001, Jones married fellow-future Daily Show correspondent, Samantha Bee. Bee was hired as correspondent for The Daily Show in 2003 . In 2005, Bee left the show for family leave, and Jones stepped in to take her… Read more

Ed Helms is a former correspondent for The Daily Show. In his tenure on The Daily Show, Helms has contributed field reports in addition to hosting various sections of the show, such as “Digital Watch,” “Ad Nauseam,” and “Mark Your Calendar.” He has also contributed… Read more

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