Transfer Deadline Day 2013
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[jwplayer player=”7″ mediaid=”60974″] 7pm – Jim White and Natalie Sawyer take over from Julian and Hayley..

Dan Walker presented a special edition of Football Focus this evening, with Dan Roan in Madrid, Andy Swiss at Arsenal, Olly Foster at Manchester Unite and Ian Dennis in the Transfer Centre..

[jwplayer player=”7″ mediaid=”60889″] 2pm – Julian Warren and Hayley McQueen take over from Adam and Rachel..

[jwplayer player=”7″ mediaid=”60881″] 10am – Adam Leventhal and Rachel Wyse take viewers through to 2pm..

[jwplayer player=”7″ mediaid=”60866″] Sky Sports News’ Mike Wedderburn and Alex Hammond gets Transfer Deadline Day underway..

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