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UK/10 Promo – BBC Campaign Show

UK/10 Promo – BBC Election Online

BBC Election Night Promo

BBC Leaders’ Debate Promo

GMTV Promo – The Morning After

Sky News Promo – Third Leaders’ Debate

Sky News Election Night Promos

Sky News – Leaders’ Debate Promos Gordon Brown David Cameron Nick Clegg

ITV Leaders’ Debate Promo

[simpleviewer=960,500,600,*Image Gallery*] Jon Snow in Studio [singlepic=16019] [singlepic=16022] Gary Gibbon in Westminster (Main Package) [singlepic=16020] [singlepic=16021] Cathy Newman [singlepic=16023] [singlepic=16025] Krishnan Guru-Murthy – Number Crunching [singlepic=16028] [singlepic=16030] [singlepic=16029] [singlepic=16034]

[jwplayer config=”Main Player” mediaid=”9083″] The Campaign Show The Campaign Show is a hour long pre-election news programme shown on BBC News Channel at 9pm and repeated on BBC Parliament at 11pm every weeknight. [simpleviewer=959,500,600,*Image Gallery*] Opening Ident [singlepic=15994] [singlepic=15997] [singlepic=16000] [singlepic=16001] Presented by Jon Sopel… Read more

[jwplayer config=”Playlist Player” playlist.position=”right” playlistid=”9414″] Sky News – Election Launch [simpleviewer=956,500,600,*Image Gallery*] Opening Ident [singlepic=15773] [singlepic=15774] [singlepic=15775] [singlepic=15777] [singlepic=15778] Mark Longhurst on Sunrise [singlepic=15779] [singlepic=15780] [singlepic=15781] [singlepic=15782] Dermot Muranghan in Westminster – 9-1pm [singlepic=15799] [singlepic=15813] Kay Burley in Westminster – 1-5pm [singlepic=15820] [singlepic=15822] Jeremy Thompson… Read more

[jwplayer config=”Playlist Player” playlist.position=”right” playlistid=”9412″] BBC News – Election Launch [simpleviewer=957,500,600,*Image Gallery*] Breakfast – Sian Williams in Westminster, Bill Turnbull in Studio [singlepic=15858] [singlepic=15859] Breakfast – Colette McBeth in Downing Street, Ben Wright in Westminster [singlepic=15861] [singlepic=15864] BBC News Special – Huw Edwards in Downing… Read more

[jwplayer config=”Playlist Player” playlist.position=”right” playlistid=”9413″] ITV News – Election Launch [simpleviewer=958,500,600,*Image Gallery*] Lunchtime News – Alastair Stewart in Downing Street, Katie Derham in Westminster [singlepic=15950] [singlepic=15955] [singlepic=15967] [singlepic=15972] Evening News – Alastair Stewart and Mary Nightingale in Downing Street [singlepic=15976] [singlepic=15977] News at Ten –… Read more

[jwplayer config=”Main Player” mediaid=”9082″] Five News – Election Launch [simpleviewer=953,500,600,*Image Gallery*] Matt Barbet in Westminster [singlepic=15703] [singlepic=15705] Andy Bell in Downing Street [singlepic=15706] [singlepic=15712] Peter Lane in Watford [singlepic=15717] [singlepic=15715] Graphics [singlepic=15709] [singlepic=15711] [singlepic=15708] [singlepic=15718]

[jwplayer config=”Playlist Player” playlist.position=”right” playlistid=”9410″] Ask the Chancellors On Monday 29th March, Channel 4 hosted a debate between the Chancellor and shadow Chancellors on the economy, 5 days after the Budget Report. Alistair Daring, George Osborne and Vince Cable took part in an hour long… Read more

[jwplayer config=”Playlist Player” playlist.position=”right” playlistid=”9404″] BBC News BBC Budget Programme – 11:30am – 3pm on BBC 2 and BBC News Channel. Openers [singlepic=15494] [singlepic=15496] [singlepic=15498] [singlepic=15500] [singlepic=15502] [singlepic=15503] Presented by Huw Edwards [singlepic=15505] [singlepic=15521] With Jon Sopel in Westminster [singlepic=15510] [singlepic=15527] Naga Munchetty in the… Read more

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