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It’s May 6th and after 4 weeks of Election campaigning Gordon Brown, David Cameron and Nick Clegg will soon find out if they are the next Prime Minister of the United Kingdom…. Or maybe not.. Throughout the next few hours the TV Newsroom will bring… Read more

Tim Anderson/Sky News – from…

General Election 2010 Campaign: 6th April – 6th May 2010. Labour Campaign Correspondents: Cordelia Kretzschmar, Iain Watson, Jane Hill, Lucy Manning, Michelle Clifford, Niall Paterson. Conservative Campaign Correspondents: Ben Brown, Bill Neely, Carole Walker, Dharshini David, Joey Jones, Sue Jameson. Liberal Democrats Campaign Correspondents: Angus… Read more

Random Images from the BBC Regional Debates. Channel Islands [singlepic=16564] [singlepic=16565] East Midlands [singlepic=16566] [singlepic=16567] East [singlepic=16568] London [singlepic=16569] [singlepic=16570] North West [singlepic=16571] [singlepic=16572] North East and Cumbria [singlepic=16573] [singlepic=16574] Oxford (South Today) [singlepic=16575] [singlepic=16576] South East [singlepic=16577] [singlepic=16578] South West [singlepic=16579] West Midlands [singlepic=16580]… Read more

Images of ITV’s Leaders’ Debate Studio: Thursday 15th April, 8:30pm on ITV1. First debate – Domestic affairs Date: 15 April 2010; 8:30 pm Channel: ITV1, ITV1 HD Location: Manchester Moderator: Alastair Stewart Second debate – International affairs Date: 22 April 2010; 8 pm Channel: Sky… Read more

Prime Minister, Gordon Brown has today announced the date for the General Election. The British public will go to the ballot box on Thursday 6th May 2010. News Channels have sent their key presenters and reporters to prime locations around London, including Downing Street, Westminster… Read more

Channel 4 will host a debate between the Chancellor and shadow Chancellors on the economy, 5 days after the Budget Report. Alistair Daring, George Osborne and Vince Cable will take part in an hour long debate in front of an invited audience of 200. Channel… Read more

Gordon Brown, today announced the date of the Budget Report 2010. It’ll take place after PMQ’s on Wednesday 24th March. Political correspondents are suggesting this would mean the General Election will take place on May 6th with the announcement coming on April 6th. According to… Read more

The BBC, ITV and Sky has today announced the full agreement for the Leaders’ Debates. 1. There will be three live TV debates during the forthcoming general election campaign. 2. There will be one debate in each full week of the campaign assuming the election… Read more

The Three main political parties have agreed to a series of Live Television debates before the next General Election.

ITV will host the first debate, chaired by Alastair Stewart. Adam Boulton will chair the second debate for Sky News and the BBC will air the third and final debate, chaired by Question Time presenter, David Dimbleby.

The debates will broadcast at peak time and will be about an hour and half long in front of a live audience.

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