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Charlene White is currently employed by ITN for ITV News and ITV London.

Charlene can be seen presenting on London Tonight aswell as on the national news.

As you see, Charlene has many roles in ITN, as she did at the BBC. She worked at various stations including BBC Radio 1 (Newsbeat), BBC Three (60 Seconds), and BBC Look East.

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4 thoughts on "Charlene White"

    David wetton says:

    Why doesn’t itv presenter Charlene White wear a poppy? I find it disrespectful as everyone else on tv does!

    Arthur John Perkins says:

    I totally agree and accept everybody has their right to express their personal views but, when it is someone in the public eye, and more so a national news reader, I find it blatantly disrespectful and offensive to flaunt your obvious opinion to the nation. This is not about charity or politics, it is about a show of respect and gratitude to all those who sacrificed their lives in order that we are able to live in a free world today. Shame on you Charlene and maybe you should give up news reading (whilst at it ‘H’ is not pronounced Haitch) and join the FIFA team, I am sure they would welcome you!!

    Anthea Gwinnett says:

    I am disgusted that Charlene White is not wearing a poppy. Shame on ITV to let her present the news. I have turned to BBC. And today she is wearing white, as if to emphasise it.
    Anthea Gwinnett

    Garry A Smith says:

    Charlene White if you cannot respect our culture go back to your own country. This is what pisses me off they talk about their own culture but they cannot respect hours ITV you need to get rid of this girl if she’s causing this much problem of wearing a poppy

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