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Chris Choi - Biography and Images

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Chris Choi is Consumer Editor for ITV News.

An experienced consumer affairs journalist, Chris joined ITV News from the BBC in 1999.

Since then his reporting has been a regular feature on ITV News programmes. Chris was first to reveal the scale of train disruption the public could expect following the Hatfield crash.

Chris Choi joined the BBC as a trainee in the late 1980s. His interest in TV consumer journalism began in 1990. As the producer of the prime-time BBC1 programme That’s Life, he was responsible for investigative reporting.

These included high profile campaigns in the areas of child abuse, bullying and product safety. He made his national screen debut on the programme as an undercover reporter revealing details of the world’s biggest white collar crime – the Nigerian advance fee fraud.

Chris joined BBC1’s Watchdog consumer programme in 1993 as a producer and director.

In 1996 Chris was presenter of the Radio 4 consumer show You and Yours – the programme received official recognition as the first to reveal the full BSE risk.

In 1997 Chris launched his own consumer series – The Really Useful Show – on BBC1. This was the channel’s first-ever live, daily, hour-long consumer programme. In the same year he also worked as an investigative reporter on BBC1’s Healthcheck programme and as a consumer reporter on the channel’s Summer Holiday show.

Before joining ITV News, Chris was an investigative reporter with BBC1’s prime time news investigation programme Here and Now.

Twitter @chrisitv

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  • David John Castle

    Hi Chris

    Re your appearance on GMTV this morning on road works. I have written to David Willets on the subject of road tax and the condition of British roads and got a very unsatisfactory reply.

    The Brits pay through the nose for the privilege of using our roads, then when we go into Europe we pay to use the roads in the form of Tolls in one form or the other. Our roads are mostly damaged By large trucks from Europe which come over here with there tanks filled with cheap fuel and pay no road charges in this country, competing unfairly with our own haulage companies who pay road tax and then pay tolls on European roads. If we set up toll booths at all our ports of entry and made a one of charge to all none resident vehicles as the do in Austria and Switzerland. This money could then ease the pressure off the British motorist and help pay for the badly needed repairs to our roads.

    I hope this is something you could think you could take up with your contacts as one voice dose not get very fare.

    Kind regards

    David Castle

  • philip

    he is brilliant and handsome as well

  • Arnold Fewell

    Chris – Do you remember 30 years ago in North Yorkshire when you were at Radio York? He was a large chap called Arnold that went on a diet and created a giant 6ft Carrot called Herbie. Believe it or not we are now planning his 30th Birthday in October this year. We are contacting all the people that were around in those days. Could we have a chat about this please? Best wishes, Arnold Fewell