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Chuck Todd - Biography and Images

Chuck Todd is currently with NBC News.

Todd is a frequent guest on political discussion shows, including Hardball with Chris Matthews. He is also a Professor of Political Communications courses at Johns Hopkins University. Todd is a Miami native, who attended the George Washington University.

Tom Costello is a Washington-based correspondent for NBC News. Prior to joining NBC News, Costello spent seven years at CNBC, most recently as the network’s Senior Correspondent. “

Savannah Guthrie is a correspondent for NBC News. Guthrie, who joined NBC in September 2007, is often charged with reporting on trials throughout the country. She has covered many high profile legal proceedings including the Senate Judiciary Committee confirmation hearings of then U.S. Supreme Court…

Robert Bazell is Chief Science and Health Correspondent for NBC News. At NBC, Bazell was one of the first network news correspondents to report on the emerging AIDS epidemic in the early 1980s. He continued to cover health and science issues for the network. In…