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Derek works for Sky News as a television correspondent and head’s up the organisation’s underwater dive unit. He has been a broadcast journalist for two decades and is predominately based in the UK. In recent months he has covered stories such as the Reading train crash and the Boscastle floods. Prior to joining BSkyB in February 2004 he worked for ITV News for nine years and before that BBC Radio and Television News.

Derek is hostile environment trained and is also a registered trauma medic. Over the years his qualifications and experience has led to him all over the world to many hazardous hotspots. Following the September 11th terrorist attack on the US, he was sent to Afghanistan to cover the terrorist threat facing British troops working out of Kabul. He also reported on the Kosovo conflict from inside the country and on board British and French warships in the Adriatic Sea.

Back in 2001, Derek compiled a series of special exclusive reports exposing a circle of wealthy pedophiles at work in a northern mountainous village in Vietnam. He and his crew took considerable risks to included secret filming of men picking up young children from bars in Sapa. The evidence he collected was sent to Interpol and an investigation was launched.

As a professional media diver, Derek specialises in covering stories underwater. Among them, he and his team have reported on a group of recreation divers who discovered a stash of vintage champagne in the hold of a fifty year old shipwreck in the middle of the English Channel. Having dived the secret location with the group, Derek together with a champagne expert, then uncorked some of the bottles live on Sky News and carried out a tasting at the Dorchester Hotel in London.

Derek is married with three children and lives in Wiltshire.

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