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Dominic Cotton - Biography and Images

Dominic Cotton presents sports bulletins throughout the week on the BBC News Channel

Dominic joined the BBC in 1998 as a sports producer and presenter. Dominic then did the overnight production shifts for Breakfast News before joining BBC News 24 as a sports presenter. He also reports for Football Focus.

He had previously worked in regional broadcasting, and also for Sky News and Channel 5.

His partner is fellow BBC presenter Susanna Reid, and the couple have three boys.


p>Cotton supports Crystal Palace FC, plays cricket, badminton, rounders, croquet and golf.

Name? Dominic Cotton Age? 38 Where are you from? London How did you get started in broadcasting? I spent a couple of years working as an actor before doing a post-graduate diploma at the Centre for Journalism Studies at Cardiff University. I then got a…

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