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Emma Murphy - Biography and Images

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Emma Murphy is a British journalist who is currently employed by ITN.

Emma is currently based in the UK, but covers major stories across the world.

She has been a Europe Correspondent for ITV News, based in Brussels, but also covered major foreign stories further afield including the Japanese tsunami and the Arab spring.

Twitter @emmamurphyitv

Darren McCaffrey questions ITV News’ Emma Murphy, his Liberal Democrat bus friend, on her thoughts on the ITV Leaders’ Debate.

Millions of Americans will vote today as the country decides who will be its next President – Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton or Republican Donald Trump. It has been one of the most contentious presidential contests in living memory, with Clinton’s campaign proving controversial because of…

U.S. Presidential Election – Live on ITV With Alastair Stewart in London Julie Etchingham in New York Mark Austin in Washington D.C. Geraint Vincent in Ohio Robert Moore in Chicago Bill Neely in Boston Richard Edgar in the City of London Emma Murphy at U.S….

At 10am this morning, Derrick Bird embarked on a killing spree in Cumbria, killing 12 people and injuring 25. TV News picked up the story from around 11:30am. Here is how the news channels covered today’s appalling events. BBC News: 11:34 – Jane Hill and…

[jwplayer config=”Playlist Player” playlist.position=”right” playlistid=”9419″] The First Leaders’ Debate – News Coverage ITV hosted the First ever Leaders’ Debate on 15th April 2010. 8:30pm – 10pm. Images Galleries: [simpleviewer=967,500,600,*BBC News*] – [simpleviewer=969,500,600,*ITV News*] – [simpleviewer=968,500,600,*Five News*] – [simpleviewer=970,500,600,*Sky News*] BBC News – Thursday 15th Emily…

  • Mike Oxlong

    And she’s certainly the best looking ITV reporter!

  • sandra scott

    Miss seeing Emma on tv lately. Remember when she started with Granada and watched her mature into a true professional.