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Geoff Meade - Biography and Images

In his three decades of broadcast journalism, Geoff Meade has covered most major national and international news stories.

From the seventies’ Winter of Discontent to Communism’s collapse and war in Afghanistan. After training on local newspapers in his native East Anglia, he joined the BBC, before moving to commercial television.

At pioneering breakfast franchise, TV-am, he was promoted Chief Reporter, and headed up the station’s coverage of the Gulf War, reporting live on 1991’s liberation of Kuwait.

A talent for speed and accuracy in trouble spots was further honed when he joined Sky News a year later. Since then, assignments to all continents have included the Dunblane massacre, Clinton’s crisis, terrorist attacks and revolution in Jakarta. He’s escaped unhurt, despite being shot at in Bosnia, bombed in Belgrade and, in October 2001, mortared near Kabul.

From September 2000 he has been Sky News’ Moscow Correspondent. Leading a small team based in the Russian capital, he’s responsible for reporting the former Soviet republics that make up the Commonwealth of Independent States. Stories have included political murder in Ukraine, the perilous legacy of Chernobyl, raising the “Kursk” and a British survivor of Stalin’s death camps.

“It was always my ambition to be a reporter,” said Geoff, “And I honestly feel I’ve got the best job in journalism. How could it be otherwise, with the biggest country on earth as your beat?”

He was among the first western correspondents into Afghanistan and only returned to Moscow after 53 days. His exclusive reports included breaking the news of the US-led bombing attacks and the first American raid to mistakenly target civilians on the friendly side of the front line.

Born in 1951, he lives in Moscow with his wife Pam. He has a teenaged son and older daughter. Both have too much respect for their sanity and home life than to follow in his footsteps.

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