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Hala Gorani - Biography and Images

Hala Gorani presents Your World Today on CNN each weekday alongside Jim Clancy.

Hala assumed this role in 2006 and also anchors and files monthly reports for ‘Inside the Middle East’, a half-hour programme featuring stories on the most important social and cultural issues in the region. Previously, she co-presented CNN Today from London.

Hala speaks English, French and Arabic.

ABC News correspondent Miguel Marquez has been attacked in the capital of Bahrain, Manama. Marquez was covering the recent unrest in the country when police began firing teargas and tried to disperse the few thousand people that had gathered in Pearl Square. A crowd caught…

Jim Clancy co-presents Your World Today from Atlanta each weekday with Hala Gorani on CNN. While based at CNN’s world headquarters in Atlanta, Clancy is also the moderator for ‘CNN Connects,’ the network’s signature global panel discussion program, showcasing the world’s top political and business…