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Name? Ian Dovaston Age? 38 Where are you from? I was born in Stockton-on-Tees, but I grew up in Sunderland and Chester-le-Street. How did you get started in broadcasting? I did a one-year newspaper journalism course in Darlington. At that… Read more

Richard is a sports reporter with BBC News. Richard started out as a researcher on ITV’s Dimbleby programme on Sunday mornings in 2004 and became a producer in 2005. He worked briefly on The Sunday Edition with Andrew Rawnsley and… Read more

General Election 2010 Campaign: 6th April – 6th May 2010. Labour Campaign Correspondents: Cordelia Kretzschmar, Iain Watson, Jane Hill, Lucy Manning, Michelle Clifford, Niall Paterson. Conservative Campaign Correspondents: Ben Brown, Bill Neely, Carole Walker, Dharshini David, Joey Jones, Sue Jameson…. Read more

Sky News have announced that Michelle May is to be its new North of England Correspondent. Michelle is joining Sky News fron Granada Television in Manchester where she was a senior reporter. Michelle will be replacing Ian Dovaston who is… Read more