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Jason Jones correspondent for The Daily Show.

In 2001, Jones married fellow-future Daily Show correspondent, Samantha Bee.
Bee was hired as correspondent for The Daily Show in 2003 . In 2005, Bee left the show for family leave, and Jones stepped in to take her place. During Bee’s family leave, Jones won a significant following at The Daily Show, thanks to a few pieces on his new baby daughter, planned communities, and New Jersey slogans.

In January of 2006, Bee gave birth to her and Jones’ first child, a baby girl named Piper Bee-Jones. When Bee returned to The Daily Show from family leave in March of 2006, Jones had already been promoted from a Contributor to a Correspondent to a Senior Correspondent, which is Bee’s same rank on the show. Jones and Bee each continue to appear on the show as Senior Correspondents to this day.