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Name? Priya Kaur-Jones Age? 26 Where are you from? I’m a Northern Lass, born in Walton a village not far from Leeds/Wakefield. How did you get started in broadcasting? I did a degree in Genetics, then decided that looking down… Read more

Name? Jon Kay Age? 36 Where are you from? I was born in Hull, but spent most of my childhood in Cheshire. How did you get started in broadcasting? I always wanted to be a newspaper journalist, but at Exeter… Read more

The 2018 Winter Paralympics will take place at the Pyeongchang County, Gangwon Province in South Korea from Friday 9th March – Sunday 18th March 2018. Channel 4 will broadcast 100 hours of coverage, where Clare Balding will lead the presentation… Read more

The 2018 Winter Olympics will take place from 9th to 25th February 2018 in Pyeongchang County, South Korea, and will be shown live on the BBC and Eurosport. The elected host city was announced on 6 July 2011 by the… Read more