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Kay Burley - Biography and Images

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Kay Burley presents from 3pm to 7pm each Monday-Thursday on Sky News.

During the summer of 2006, she also presented the Five News 5.30pm bulletin each weeknight.

She joined Sky in February 1988, launching the Sky One Entertainment Channel in November 1988 with her own documentary “The Satellite Revolution”.

Hosting more live television than most, Kay was on-air when the second plane hit the World Trade Centre in New York. Other breaking stories she’s covered include the crash and subsequent relaunch of Concorde, the fall of the Berlin Wall and the death of Princess Margaret.

In addition to breaking news, Kay has interviewed an illustrious array of names from the world of politics, sport and entertainment.

Mum to Alexander, who was born in 1993, Kay was voted The Most Desirable Woman for the third year running. Kay was delighted; Alexander was embarrassed.

Sky News presenter Kay Burley and Labour MP Chris Bryant have wagered on whether or not President Donald Trump will visit the UK on a state visit. Chris says he will cook dinner for Kay if Trump does visit. The moment @RhonddaBryant realised he has…

Making news of my own today ? — Kay Burley (@KayBurley) November 24, 2017

My 30th year as a @SkyNews presenter starts today. See you from 3pm? — Kay Burley (@KayBurley) November 2, 2017

Kay Burley: “What to do when your interviewees won’t stop talking but you are about to fall off air…#improvise“

The Harlem Globetrotters, whose stunts, tricks and capers astound audiences around the world are coming to the UK. And to promote the tour, members of the team visited Kay Burley at Sky’s new studio in west London. The ‘Trotters are playing at 12 gigs in…

  • Jean Hale

    Please remove this nasty woman . Always rude nasty and abrupt especially with Nick Varney CEO . Everyone were embarrassed for this man who continuously told her he was waiting H&S Report and that he could NOT disclose Medical details of those injured in Hospital…..

  • Avril Endfield

    I was extremely upset and disappointed with Kay Burley in New York after election night. She asked an obviously Jewish man (wearing a skull cap) first what his religion was (it was obvious) she hadn’t asked anybody else that question all night! and then when he replied Jewish, she went on to ask what he though about Mr Trump’s views on Muslims! What a loaded directed question! Really! Ms Burley is that all you think Jews think about ?? We were so disgusted by this obvious profiling we filmed it

  • Judith etheridge

    Kay u need a bullet vest on,x