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Keith is a former correspondent for Sky.

Keith Graves was Sky’s Middle East Correspondent, based in Jerusalem where his patch included Turkey, Syria, Egypt & Iraq. Keith took up the US posting in January 2001.

But Keith’s career in journalism began when he worked on local papers such as the Sheffield Telegraph and his home-town publication – the Lincolnshire Echo. In 1966, he moved to the BBC as a radio reporter and then moved into television reporting, where he successively held the posts of Diplomatic, Middle East and Washington correspondent.

In 1991, after 25 years at the BBC, Keith retired and moved to Cyprus where he built his own house. But not one for the quiet life, he started work for Sky News in 1994 and was united with many old friends, such as Nick Pollard, Bob Friend and Jeremy Thompson, who had all – at one time – worked at the BBC and had subsequently made the move to Sky.

Keith’s first posting for Sky News was Israel, where he opened the channel’s first bureau. After a year off travelling in the States, he moved onto Hong Kong where he established Sky’s Asia bureau at the time of the handover from British to Chinese rule.

His last tour of duty in the Middle East was punctuated by a spell in the Balkans which spanned much of 1999, where he was part of the Sky News team of highly regarded Kosovan war reporters.

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