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Kristie Lu Stout - Biography and Images

Kristie Lu Stout co-presents CNN Today with Hugh Riminton live from Hong Kong each weekday.

Kristie joined CNN in 2001 and also hosts CNN’s monthly program, ‘Global Office.’ During her time at CNN, Kristie has covered a wide range of China-related topics including in-depth reports about the SARS crisis and the Chinese technology boom, in addition to reporting live from both Beijing and Shanghai for CNN’s Eye on China week of special programming on the world’s fastest growing economy. She was also technology correspondent for the channel.

Hugh Riminton co-presents CNN Today live from Hong Kong with Kristie Lu-Stout each weekday. Hugh joined CNN from the Nine Network in Australia and played a leading role in the channels coverage of the Asian Tsunami. He has reported wars in Somalia, Sudan, Rwanda and…