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Richard Hoiles – born 7th February 1966 – is a horse racing commentator for ITV. A qualified accountant by profession Richard got his first broadcast role commentating on racecourses in 1992. Richard has worked extensively overseas including a two year… Read more

ITV News today announced the appointment of Richard Edgar as its Economics Editor. Richard joins from the Financial Times where he was the head of video for the last three years. He will lead all economics coverage for ITV News,… Read more

Richard Keys has resigned from Sky Sports. Keys, who joined Sky in 1990, is stepping down following sexist comments he made about assistant referee, Sian Massey and West Ham’s vice-chairman, Karen Brady. Keys said earlier today on TalkSport radio that… Read more

Name? Richard Bilton, Special Correspondent Age? I’m 37. Where are you from? I’m from Leeds. How did you get started in broadcasting? I’ve risen up through the BBC structure. Local radio in Cleveland was my first job, my first local… Read more

Name? Richard Lister Age? 41 Where are you from? I was born in Cambridge and grew up near Bristol. How did you get started in broadcasting? I presented a radio comedy show in the US for a year before getting… Read more