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BBC One: The Voice UK 2012 – Interview with Jessie J

Jessie J exploded onto the UK music scene as the BBC Sound of 2011 and already has 6 top 10 singles, a platinum selling debut album – the biggest selling debut album of 2011 – 4 MOBO awards, and 2 sell out tours under her belt. A critically acclaimed singer-songwriter – who better to mentor our artists than pop’s hottest property… ?

When you landed the job, what was your reaction?
I was overwhelmed to be asked to do The Voice UK, but I felt ready to work hard and be part of something exciting.

What makes The Voice UK the show for you?
The title explains everything, it’s about “the voice”, and that’s what I’m about which is a perfect combination.

You’re an artist with a very strong/distinctive image. How important is style to you, and how much is it truly about “the voice”?
It’s always about the voice, I would much rather people remember the performance than the outfit. Style is amazing to have fun with but I never want my style to define me, I want my music to define me.

You’ve already recorded the auditions. Were you bowled over by the talent or disappointed?
I was in shock at how much versatility there was – the age range, all the people that didn’t believe they could step forward, because it’s about the voice and the talent. People are going to enjoy watching the show.

What can you offer to the artists on your team which is unique from what can be offered by the other coaches?
I don’t think it’s what I can offer that the others can’t. It’s what I can bring to the table, which is someone young and living it right now, I’m very much in the thick of it – I have an album out, I’m writing my second album, I’m touring around the world, I’m at the Grammys, at the Brits. I’m living it. I understand how it is for people to pick you apart; these are all things that anyone who wants to be in the music industry needs to know.

Had you met the other coaches before?
I had met before, but hadn’t had the honour of meeting Sir Tom or Danny. It was lovely to meet them and hang out with them – they’re wonderful people to be around.

Who is the most competitive?
Tricky… none of us are naturally competitive people, but different things bring out the competitive side in each of us. Pitching to the artists on the show was funny, everyone made jokes with each other – but it was more jokes than serious competitiveness!

Do you get nervous doing live TV? Especially as on The Voice UK you’re a coach as well as a performer.
I always get nervous. I think it’s a natural thing, I definitely feel I have something to prove to myself and my fans. I always want to raise the bar.

2012 is shaping up to be a great for you…
2012 is the most amazing year so far and we’re only a few months in! I’ve already had the most amazing opportunities thrown at me, which I’m catching with open arms. I’m enjoying every minute, I’m definitely having more fun this year – it’s nice to be making music for a second year and people still liking it!

The Voice UK begins tonight on BBC One and BBC One HD from 7pm.

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