BBC One to re-air Bee Gees documentary tonight

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The BBC will re-air a documentary tonight in the wake of the death of Bee Gee Robin Gibb.

The documentary follows the story of the Bee Gees, three very close brothers, tied together by familial love and a natural aptitude and obsession for all things musical.

Born on the Isle of Man but raised in Manchester, the Brothers Gibb – eldest brother Barry and twins Robin and Maurice – were whisked to Australia by their parents at an impressionable age in search of a better life.

From childhood stardom to the first flashes of fame on the coat tails of 1960s Beatlemania, the Bee Gees enjoyed number one successes with hits like Massachusetts and I’ve Got to Get a Message to You.

The early 1970s saw a spell in the musical wilderness, but eventually led to the Bee Gees discovering a whole new musical direction and, more importantly, the discovery of Barry’s unique falsetto voice.

The phenomenon of Saturday Night Fever in 1977 brought the band worldwide success, and identified them as the band that defined disco.

Robin died last Sunday night after a lengthy battle with Cancer. Maurice died 9 years earlier in hospital on 12 January 2003 of complications resulting from a twisted intestine.

The documentary is on BBC One at 11:35pm tonight (Sat 26th May)

Updated on Saturday 26 May 2012 by @TVNewsroom